Word play brings out the funny in Eric Nicolas

Published July 24, 2018, 4:05 PM

by Hannah Torregoza 

Most comedians are intelligent. You can’t make puns and punchlines from scratch if you aren’t. I put funnyman Eric Nicolas to the test by making him retort to words I threw at him:

Eric Nicolas (mb.com.ph)
Eric Nicolas

Flooding – “When it rains…it’s poor…. I know how to speak English okay? It’s just that when it rains, there’s flooding, and the poor get affected… so when it rains, it’s poor!”

Traffic – “We don’t have traffic in Metro Manila, excuse me. What we have are parking lots. And the biggest parking lot is EDSA!”
John Lloyd Cruz – “I am so tired of everybody saying we look alike. Please stop. Once and for all, I do not look like John Lloyd Cruz. I look like Steven Seagal. Look at my chin, it looks that of Seagal!”

Your production assistant  Michi- “I ordered him from Lazada. They said it will take one week shipping for him to arrive. When he arrived, he had already eaten all the styrofoam. I guess he was hungry.

“After I fed him proper food, he said he was a “she,” So, I apologized. She is so efficient. She will do everything for me. Now, when I want to go to the toilet for a number one or a number two, she says she will do it for me.”

Jester – “I worked as a jester at ABS-CBN during my ‘Wowowie’ days. I created a game called hep hep hurrah and the host Willie Revillame liked it. He made me host the game on television for two days and since Willie liked the game so much, he asked permission if he could host the game. ‘Well, you are Willie Revillame!’ he said. But seriously, he is good guy. He is just strict when it comes to the show and his profession. Love the show before yourself, that’s what he says.”

Shows – “I love doing shows outside the country. I have been to Canada seven times. I’ve also been to Taipei, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, UK, Paris, and Saudi Arabia. I love UK the most because the fans there are generous, When you perform there for the Filipino people, you bring home a lot of things from the OFWs, especially the nurses.”

Wife – “Always bring your wife when you do shows out of the country.  Happy wife, happy life! If you don’t make your wife happy, you will be wifed out!”

President Duterte – “I will be serious on this since I supported the man when he was running for presidency. When he became president, I was contemplating on what position I could apply in the government. I asked advice from Binoy (actor Robin Padilla) who asked me one question: ‘Why did you support Duterte? Did you support him so you can ask for a favor later on or did you support him because you believed he can fix the country?’ Of course I answered the latter. ‘Then don’t ask for a position,’ Robin answered. So, I asked him,’Can I just ask apply for a sitting position?’ Because it would be so tiring if the position was standing the whole time, he he he.”

Eric Nicolas is managed by Star Magic Talent Center. He appears on the teleserye “Araw Gabi.”