Garie Concepcion recalls scary experience

Published July 21, 2018, 3:46 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

Shooting “The Lease” proved to be quite the experience for Garie Concepcion who plays lead for the first time in a movie.

“The Lease” is a suspense-thriller about a Fil-Italian family’s stay in a villa. It also stars Ruben Maria Soriquez.

“There was one part in the movie where we approached a faith healer. It was shot in an old house owned by Ruben. We felt something strange while filming. It was an eerie feeling. The fear that we felt during the shoot was legit. I hope it translates on screen. I hope you see our fear while doing that scene,” Gary said at the premiere of the movie.

Garie related how she found out about it.

“I found out about the call for auditions through my friend on Facebook. One friend posted it and I went (to the audition) and luckily I got the part,” she said in Filipino.

Going there, Garie was unaware that she had to deliver a monologue.

“Actually, I didn’t know that I had to do a monologue for them and so I got something off the internet and memorized it and that was what I delivered,” she related, noting that it was a “love monologue about a girl longing for the love of her life.”

GARIE CONCEPCION and Ruben Maria Soriquez.
GARIE CONCEPCION and Ruben Maria Soriquez.

Garie’s character is Clara and Ruben, her husband in the film, plays Romano.

“We play husband and wife in this movie. We play a Fil-Italian family that’s why I got the role,” said Ruben.

“It’s different because it’s a horror. It’s scary but there’s also heart in the film. The movie is family-oriented,” he noted.

As a first time-actress, Ruben praised Garie.

“She’s great. She’s very promising, very talented.”

In return, Garie said Ruben was a great help throughout the shooting.

“Ruben helped me throughout shooting. Also, our director Paolo Bertola is very helpful. He (Ruben) was a very giving co-actor. He’s not an actor, he’s also a director so he just didn’t give me tips and guidance, he also guided our co-actors. It was very loving, the family we formed in our movie,” Garie said.

Family support

Although her father Gabby Concepcion and sister KC Concepcion were not present to show support at the premiere, Garie was happy her mom, Grace Ibuna, and grandfather came.

“I hope he’s happy (Gabby). We have not talked about the film but I know that he knows I am doing this (film). I hope he’s happy for me. He congratulated me. My mom is here and my grandfather also. I invited Papa but he seems busy which was why he didn’t show up tonight.”

What makes her happy was the presence of her boyfriend of more than two years, Michael Pangilinan.

“I am very happy that they’re all here. I need their support. I’m very nervous. Look, my hands are cold,” she added.

As for future romantic plans with Michael, Garie said she’s in no rush.

“Right now I’m so focused with my career and I am very lucky because I do have a boyfriend who is very supportive. He’s also like me, we’re both very career-oriented. We’re not rushing things, nothing. I feel this is my most active year in showbiz so I want to do things and give myself the chance to do more things.”