Finding the rainbow

By Alex M. Eduque

It may have been the gloom brought about by all the rains this week, or maybe, it’s just that time of year when everybody is hustling about, and unknowingly getting the best of their own selves. But the negative energy on social media has seemed to have heightened somehow as of lately – insecurities, self-doubt, people who had finally had enough, and so are speaking out against haters and bashers, you name it. It could simply be riding off each other’s energy as well to jump onto the bandwagon. But whatever it was, I was compelled to somehow combat all that hate, and in my own small way, remind people to seek the light. While I was not at all expecting to elicit a specific response, I was extremely overwhelmed by the amount of direct messages I got thanking me for a post I (to be honest) did not even give much thought to. Comes to show that although at impulse, when one decides to be the messenger of kindness, only goodness can come from it. And why fester about the evil when you can fight it with positivity?

As I wrote on my post, the truth of the matter is that there are days when we will wake up questioning ourselves, and re-examining whether our efforts do have a purpose and meaning – for ourselves, and for the greater good. And on those days, the best thing to do is to look back to moments that have left you breathless; those that made you feel infinite, ridded you of all your worries, and that somewhat managed to transform the ordinary into extraordinary.

They say that with age and time, you tend to care less about the petty things in life, the hearsay and what others think of you. I do believe it, but I also do know that as human beings, we can sometimes have a melting point, and in a world where social media has bred an enormous amount of influence, it can sometimes make things tougher, and a small act of kindness goes an even longer way.

As Mufasa from the movie The Lion King told his cub Simba, “Look inside yourself. You are more than what you have become.” In a world where comparing oneself to others tends to be the norm, we often forget to seek greatness from within. We tend to underestimate our own capacity because we’d rather focus on what we cannot do that others can. In doing so, we are unconsciously belittling ourselves, and placing the limelight on our insecurities. The minute we allow these thoughts to overpower us, they will become us. It is about mindset. Being determined, and committed to adhering to the type of person we want to become, and setting our mind steadfast and forth in that direction.

I have come to learn that it is indeed all about perspective. If we manage to make an effort to always look at the brighter side of things and situations (no matter how dire they may be), then that energy is what becomes of us. Our problems will eventually seem smaller, our horizon will grow, and we will realize that we are actually just caught in the midst of beautiful things brewing. Because really, a rainbow will always come shining through, and the best diamonds, are those that are made under the greatest pressure.