Filipino traveler brings in empty bullet shells

By Ariel Fernandez

Office Transport Security Screener Officer intercepted empty shells ammunition in the baggage of a passenger bound for Laoag.


An unidentified Filipina arrived on board PR101 from Honolulu with a connecting flight to Laoag via PR 2198.

416 pieces of caliber .38 empty bullet shells contained in a re-sealable transparent plastic bag placed inside a box.

The passenger said during the inquiry that the box belonged to her brother-in-law who requested her to bring it. She further claimed that she was assured that only clothes were inside the box.

The bullets were confiscated upon proper documentation of the incident by NAIA officers.

The passenger was later allowed to take her connecting flight to Laoag.

MIAA General Manager Ed Monreal said the public should check their bags and make sure that items being sent through them are free of any prohibited item to avoid inconvenience.

Monreal advice travelers to check the list of prohibited items before they leave for the airport.