How Raymond Gutierrez maintains his physique

Published July 2, 2018, 10:30 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

Anyone who has ever lost weight knows it for a fact and with a groan: It’s one thing to slim down and another to stay that way.
A year ago, Raymond Gutierrez stunned people by shedding 65 lb. In a snap, one once chubby became a “hottie.”

Raymond Gutierrez (Camille Ante/Manila Bulletin)
Raymond Gutierrez (Camille Ante/Manila Bulletin)

Today, he remains scorching. So, how?

“For me losing weight is everything, you know, you just have to implement it consistently – working it, eating healthy, eating right,” the host explained.

He divulged that prior to having a muscular physique, he would only just work out once a week and then stop for a while when he feels he has already achieved what he wants.

“So it’s not like that, you really have to give time. You really have to create time for it,” he pointed. “If you’re busy, maybe 20 minutes in the morning or before you go to work, or before you go to bed at night will do. As long as you do it every day, despite how hard it is.”

For him that’s one, two hours a day, six times a week. It’s usually cardio exercise in the morning before breakfast. Often he does 40 minutes on the treadmill. If he still has time after the meal, he’ll do weights that target the body part he wants to improve.

Support group

Raymond added it helps to surround yourself with people who push you to work harder. Among his friends who do that are Anne Curtis-Heussaff, Solenn Heussaff, and Isabelle Daza.

The fitness milestone in Raymond’s life became an opportunity for him to influence her sister, television actress-host Ruffa. According to Raymond, she has started working out and even got the trainer he has.

He and Ruffa are closer with each other more than any of their other siblings.

The 34-year-old host believes their having the same circle of friends has added to the tight relationship they have.


Raymond has been going to Singapore and Los Angeles frequently to host “E! News.” Recall that he also anchored “E! News Asia” in 2015 up to 2016.

But it’s no wonder he got the stint as he has been hosting for almost 15 years now. In fact, his skills have been praised many times. He even impressed some famous personalities including Ryan Seacrest who lauded Raymond’s way of opening the defunct “Pinoy Idol.”

Asked if he now prefers to work abroad than in the Philippines, he said “What I’m doing there is different from here (Philippines) because it (the show) tackles more Hollywood topics. So it’s more about pop, culture, and Hollywood.”

Certainly, Raymond is not closing his doors to any opportunity in local show business.

“But I think I moved on from it. I think I’m able to do a lot more other things now that I’m a freelance. I have more freedom with my time, I have freedom to choose who I wanna work for and who I wanna work with and I’m happy and that’s what is important,” he said.

Aside from that, travelling is also keeping him busy. He has been partnering with different brands for his social media and also producing events for different companies.

Raymond said he really enjoys going to different places.

“I love different cultures, meeting new people, and experiencing new things,” he noted. “That’s really what our dad taught us from a very young age. Because my dad really loved to travel when he was younger, and even my mom, but now they kinda slowed down.”
Among his favorite trips this year was to Cannes in France but not to attend the world-famous film festival there. Rather, it was for an event of an international ice cream brand which he endorses.

“I think that’s my highlight this year,” he revealed.

He had the opportunity to meet the international supermodel Bella Hadid and fashion designer Alexander Wang there as both also endorse the ice cream brand.

“I also went to Coachella (Valley Music and Arts Festival in California) and watched Beyoncé return to the stage. I came from Paris also to watch the French Open of tennis match. And then I went to Hong Kong for a brand collaboration. So, it varies,” he shared.
Raymond looks forward to hosting the 44th installment of the “People’s Choice Awards” on Nov. 11 in Los Angeles, California.