Seeking refuge in imagination

Published July 1, 2018, 12:05 AM


By Tina Hidalgo Jacinto

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Transcending reality by imagination is one way of being free, in as much as the adventures of the mind is limitless. Glamorous socialite Vicky Zubiri has succeeded in paving her own style of art, becoming one of Manila’s accomplished artists in the process. After two previous solo exhibits, Vicky’s third solo exhibit at the Gallery of The Peninsula Manila, showed her impassioned attitude, as she said: “Art has been part of my life. It gives me peace, creativity, freedom, and lightness. I paint twice or three times a week.” Laughing it off, and with a sip of her favorite champagne, she mused that painting is her form of escape, which accounts for her fondness of painting birds flying away.

Painting is Vicky’s way of easing the chronic pain of her past brain surgeries, with her quest for living life to the fullest, of elevating the simple pleasures and of simply having a beautiful and memorable time.  Flowers, birds, seascapes—“These hope to bring respite for the weary souls no matter how brief.”

Cultivating her love for the arts came at an early age. She used to accompany her mother, a colatura soprano to her portrait sittings with renowned artist Fernando Amorsolo.  She grew up in a home filled with a fine collection of art, among these: Joya, Anita Magsaysay Ho, Alcuaz, Ocampo, and Manansala. Having lived and breathed art and classical music, and with a grandfather who was a national composer, Francisco Santiago, it’s not surprising that Vicky gravitated toward the art world. She too was a famous fashion designer in the ‘90s, an experience, which honed her creativity in symmetry, color, and design.

In 2010, Vicky mounted her first solo exhibit, followed by a Chinese watercolor exhibit in 2012 with Hau Chiok. She took further studies with Ateneo Confucius to continue Chinese with Alex Chan Lim and Cesar Cheng. Eventually she moved to western watercolor under Johnny Ventosa. At present she has joined the Seniors Hub for acrylic with Fidel Sarmiento. Her third show, in partnership with Philippine Tatler, earmarked a percentage of the sales for the Child Protection Network and the school project of the indigenous people of Bukidnon.