The Joys of Cooking

Published June 30, 2018, 12:05 AM


By Allyza Quirante

Chef JP Anglo and Dimples Romana
Chef JP Anglo and Dimples Romana

Dimples Romana shares her love for cooking with fellow moms at the launch of Eden’s Comfort Food Maker. During the event, it’s evident that the host is a natural in the kitchen. Since 2013, she has been sharing simple homemade recipes on Instagram under the hashtag #DimpsKitchen.

Here Dimples shares a few insights on being a home cook:

Keep it simple

I find myself cooking the simpler the better, especially since I want to share it with other moms. Like, my salted egg shrimps for example. It’s easy because you can find the ingredients anywhere.That’s what I want to impart to my followers—the simplicity and beauty of cooking.

Don’t be afraid to tweak

Feel free to enhance the recipes according to your family’s preferences. We live in the Philippine where we cook one dish in different ways. For example, I’m Kapampangan and I like my adobo a little bit sweet. I encourage everybody to tweak what they cook in their own terms.

Get your family involved

Families have the chance to create their own traditions with cooking, so invite them in the kitchen. Learn from each other. This is what I learned from my mom and I also do the same with my daughter Callie. She feels that she is always welcome in the kitchen when I’m cooking. Now she’s a baker! On the other hand, my husband Boyet is more of a technique-based kind of cook.