9 waterproof products to get you ready for the rainy season

Published June 29, 2018, 12:05 AM


By Camille Santiago


  1. Romix Outoor Touchscreen Sport Running Waterproof Purse Waist Bag, P513, Fashion by Latest Gadget (available at Zalora)

If you like running outdoors, this waterproof waist bag could be something of use to you.

  1. Waterproof dry bag with straps, P499, OOTD (available at Zalora)

This beach-friendly bag can be used in so many ways—use it as your lunchbox, your gym bag, camera bag—you get the point!

  1. Zilla Tanrock Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, R1,285, Latest Gadget

When music is life (and you bring your speakers with you everywhere) it’s best to get one that’s waterproof.

  1. Pocket Waterproof Parka, P3,995, Mango

When jackets are not enough to withstand the rain, it’s time to bring out the waterproof parka.

  1. Club Clio Waterproof Pen Liner Killblack, P770, Club Clio

Hey, every gal needs makeup that will withstand no matter what the weather is!

  1. F6 Smartwatch Waterproof Watch, P8,500, DT (available at Zalora)

For the guys out there who loves outdoor sports, this smartwatch will be your new favorite. Not only is it waterproof, but it’s also shockproof, scratchproof, and has multi-sports mode function including heartrate, calorie count, distance, pedometer, and more.

  1. 3-pc Waterproof Travel Packing Cube, P735, Lazada

Transferring (and organizing) your clothes from one bag to another won’t be a sweat with these packing cubes. It’s made of PVC material, so you won’t have to be concerned about your clothes getting wet!

  1. Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Cinch Organizer, P990, The Travel Club

Worried that your liquid toiletries might spill in your bag? Pack them in this Cinch Organizer! The ultra-light and easy to clean pouch will keep your products secure throughout your trip.

  1. Jericho Bling Glitter slip-ons, P3,200, Native

Who says looking cute under the rain will be hard to pull-off? Not with these glittered rubber slip-ons! They will make you look ~*extra*~!