MMDA constable hit by speeding armored vehicle

By Alexandria Dennise San Juan 

A female traffic enforcer was declared "clinically dead" after she was hit by a speeding armored vehicle who tried to enter the yellow lane meant for public vehicles along northbound EDSA in Quezon City, Thursday.


The victim was identified as Maricel Gammad, 27, a traffic constable 3 of MMDA.

Gammad was conducting traffic movement near Baliwag Transit terminal along EDSA past 10 a.m. when she was hit by an armored car with plate number WHZ 330 driven by 40-year-old Dennis Ellaraiz.

Gammad's fellow traffic enforcer, TC3 Russel Jacinto, said they had just started their duty when the incident happened.

It appeared that Gammad was directing public and private vehicles to their respective lanes.

However, Ellaraiz's armored van, which came from the northbound tunnel, tried to enter the yellow lane meant for public vehicles, hitting Gammad who was standing there.

Due to the impact, Gammad was thrown away thrice.

"Papasok siya ng yellow lane. Ang sabi niya sa akin nung tinanong ko sya, pupunta daw sya ng Q-Mart kaya sya pumasok na agad ng yellow lane," Jacinto said when she initially asked the suspect.

Jacinto explained that there were no traffic jams on both lanes.

MMDA Spokesperson Celine Pialago said that their ambulance immediately responded and rushed Gammad to East Avenue Medical Center where she was declared "clinically dead" at almost 4 p.m. as the victim's heartbeat is already not in its normal condition.

Meanwhile, Ellariz, who was also a security guard from Royal Mandarin security agency, is currently detained at the QCPD Headquarters in Camp Karingal and might face charges for reckless imprudence resulting in resulting in serious physical injuries while further investigation is ongoing.

MMDA Chairman General Danilo Lim with MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia personally went to the hospital to check on the condition of Gammad Thursday afternoon.

Garcia, in an interview, said they plan to transfer the victim to a "more modern" hospital but was not allowed as she was in "very critical condition" that time.

According to Garcia, Gammad was among their newly-recruited enforcers who entered the service last November 2017.

The MMDA assured they will be providing assistance to the family of the victim.

Meanwhile, Pialago called on drivers to maintain their discipline while on the road.

"Sana po magsilbing paala-ala ito sa ating mga motorista na ang yellow lane po paminsan munsan po nakakranas ng pagluwag, pero di po ibig sabihin na kailangang bilisan natin yung takbo natin. Kahit ang EDSA na natatraffic paminsan-minsan, nagiging accident prone pa rin kung walang disiplina ang driver," Pialago said.#