The God that I know will not demand a public apology — Roque

Published June 27, 2018, 7:41 PM

by Roel Tibay

By Genalyn Kabiling

A Palace official is certain that God would not demand a public apology from President Duterte for his controversial remarks about Him.

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque presents a photo of Sister Patricia Fox speaking at a rally, during a press briefing at the New Executive Building in Malacanang, Friday. (CAMILLE ANTE / MANILA BULLETIN)
Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque

Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque said he believes that “God is love” and would actually understand the President’s situation.

Roque made the remarks after Bro. Eddie Villanueva, founder of Jesus is Lord church, urged Duterte to apologize for calling God “stupid.”

“The God that I know will not demand a public apology. The God I know is the God of love. He’s too big for any words that may come from a mouth for a mortal,” Roque said during a press briefing after holding a dialogue with Church leaders in Ortigas.

“My God will understand. He’s a God of love and He would wish healing for everyone,” he added.

Roque, in a later radio interview, acknowledged that asking for forgiveness was personal for any individual.

He said the President understands his responsibilities for his actions “but I don’t think the God of the Bible will demand a public apology.”

“Ang pagkakaintindi ko nga po diyan, para sa ating mga kasalanan, kailangang humingi ng tawad pero iyan po ay personal na bagay [My understanding is for the sinners must seek forgiveness but this is a personal action],” he said.

The President recently called God “stupid” and questioned the Biblical teachings on the creation and original sin, triggering backlash from various Church leaders. Moving to mend ties, Duterte formed a three-man committee to hold talks with the religious leaders.

The first round of the talks was held with the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches who understood the President’s pain and offered to pray for his healing.