Ai Ai shows ‘mommy-ger’ side to rapper wards

Published June 25, 2018, 9:59 AM

by Hannah Torregoza 

Every mother has a set of rules imposed on her children and Ai Ai delas Alas is no exception to this.

Ai Ai delas Alas and Ex B (Instagram) /
Ai Ai delas Alas and Ex B (Instagram)

The Comedy Queen shared she has “bylaws” intended not only for her children, Sancho, Nicolo and Sofia, but also for her wards – the members of hip hop group Ex Battalion.

In an interview, Ai Ai said that Ex Battalion – composed of Skusta Clee, King Badger, Flow-G and Bosx1ne, among others, whose music video for the hit “Hayaan Mo Sila” already has 57 million views on YouTube – adheres to a code of conduct.

These are: “Don’t be late,” “No absences without permission,” “No fighting,” “No smoking onstage,” and “Don’t drink on events.”

“There’s a lot of don’ts and they have no choice but to obey,” she said in Filipino, laughing.

Well, the boys of Ex Battalion or simply Ex B happily abide by the rules.

Talking directly to Ai Ai, Ex B expressed gratefulness and promised they will be “good boys.”

“We’ve annoyed you sometimes and we learned our lessons,” King Badger said in Filipino.

‘10-minute walkout’

Like any other mother-son relationship, Ai Ai and Ex B have had their share of misunderstandings.

Early this month, the actress posted a cryptic message on Instagram, leading to speculations that she had a rift with the rap crew.

“Effective June 4, 2018, I, together with Ms. Ma. Lourdes Gonzales, will be taking a month-long leave of absence as talent manager and road manager of Ex-Batallion…” part of the post went.

She deleted the post after a few, oh around five, minutes.

“I’m their mom and they’re my sons. We all know that each one of us has differences and there will be some misunderstandings,” she explained.

Funny but Ex B revealed they were “clueless” about that post.

Ai Ai herself recalled how she had a “10-minute” walkout without getting noticed by members of the group.
“Nobody noticed that I already left!” she said, laughing.

“As a mom, I want them to be great and during that time they annoyed me. Every person has his/her own kind of ‘topak’ and on that they we’re all not in the mood. Though I’m their manager, I’m still honest with them and they are honest to me, too. We clashed . But it’s normal to go through those moments.”

Nevertheless, Ex B issued an apology to their “mommy-ger” by sending her flowers.

“That’s what I like about them, they know how to apologize. We’re okay now and I always tell them that I never regret managing them,” Ai Ai said.

Major concert

After having a monster hit, several endorsements and having appeared on a teleserye, Ex B marks another milestone by holding their first major concert titled “Kami Ang EXB: The Ex Battalion Anniversary Concert” at the Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig City on July 14.

Ex B admitted they are having mixed emotions for the upcoming event, saying never did they expect to find mainstream success six years after forming the group.

“We’re nervous, happy and obviusly, proud that finally we’ll have a concert,” King Badger said.

“We were never invited to guest on amateur rap contest before,” Flow G revealed in Filipino.

Skusta Cee added in Filipino, “Before, we were only recognized on underground hip hop scene and those who listen to us are the ones who truly supports Ex Battalion. Now, everybody knows us, even a five-year-old would sing our songs (they knew). We didn’t expect this and we’re so happy. We actually didn’t dreamed this, we just wanted to do what we love. We didn’t really thought of being famous.”

Grateful that they are, Ex B shared how success changed their lives in one way or another.

“We have better lives now and we can now help our parents. All thanks to God,” Skusta Clee said.

“Kami Ang EXB” promises to be a different hip hop experience as concert director GB Sampedro revealed, adding collaborations with different OPM artists from different genres might happen onstage.

“Expect a different side from these boys,” he said. “You’ll see how these boys’ genre will mix on the guests genre.”

Concert guests include rock band Silent Sanctuary and Asia’s Pop Sweetheart Julie Anne San Jose.

Ai Ai will also take part. She’s excited to see her boys take their careers into the next level.

She said, “Their growing in terms of work, they have endorsements, and now they’ll have a major concert. It’s included on their career platform. I hope next year they can perform in Araneta – bigger than Ynares.”

Ai Ai announced that Ex Battalion will hold concerts in Dubai and in the US this year.