Finding your style

Published June 22, 2018, 12:05 AM


By Maggie F. Francisco

Weddings have long held a special place in the hearts of women everywhere. From the stunning white dress to the beautiful ceremony to the elegant bouquet of flowers—what’s not to love?

From the gown down to the tiniest detail of the reception, the wedding is a reflection of the bride herself—and as witnessed on many occasions, each bride is unique. While a lot of women consider themselves to be a classic bride, these days brides are putting their own spin on traditional looks, using their big day to make a statement. So which bride are you?


The Classic Bride

It’s black and white and chic all over your wedding. Every single detail gives your big day an elegant but not overly fancy feel. Simple silhouettes and traditional styling play a big part in your style.


The Boho Bride

You want an effortless, super romantic occasion in nature. Nothing completes the magic of a bohemian wedding like soft elegance and a little whimsy. Your color palette features nudes, greens, and blues. Let’s not forget a flower crown instead of a traditional veil to complete your look.


The Glamorous Bride

Sparkles everywhere! From twinkling chandeliers to shiny headpieces to the glittering bridal gown, your wedding is all about the glam factor. Don’t forget that signature red lip!


The Beach Bride

If turquoise water and a jewel-toned sunset is your backdrop, your ceremony doesn’t need a lot of bells-and-whistles formalities to feel like magic. Opt for a lightweight, fuss-free gown, sophisticated in design yet ready to meet the sand and seashells.


The City Hall Bride

Whether you are eloping or inviting just a handful of guests, a city hall ceremony is a beautiful way to tie the knot. And since it’s not the traditional big white wedding, it’s easier to get even more creative with what to wear. Hey, if it’s good enough for Carrie Bradshaw, right?


The Rebel Bride

As the life of the party, nothing is more important to you than the free-spirited fun and good times your friends and loved ones will have at your reception. It’s not about a textbook wedding—live music, mismatching bridesmaid dresses, a super unique gown, and sneakers will make your big day something your guests will remember too!