‘Workers need significant, across-the-board wage increase’ — labor group

Published June 21, 2018, 4:19 PM

by AJ Siytangco

By Leslie Aquino

The Associated Labor Unions (ALU) said the country’s wage rates are in need of significant and not minimal increase.

(Taylor Weidman / Bloomberg / MANILA BULLETIN)
(Taylor Weidman / Bloomberg / MANILA BULLETIN)

“Contrary to what Lopez had said, workers need a significant and an across-the-board wage increase to cope with surging prices of goods and commodities,” Alan Tanjusay, spokesperson for workers’ group ALU, said in a statement.

“The country’s wage rates are so small and inadequate that it needs a significant increase in the light of extraordinary inflation,” he added.

Earlier, Department of Trade and Industry Ramon Lopez said any wage increase must just be minimal and that it should not be more than what is necessary.

“Mr. Lopez has forgotten that he is a public official working in government paid by workers’ blood money to ensure welfare of the people and protect not just the interest of business owners and employers,” said Tanjusay.

He said if employers will not raise their employees’ pay, workers and their families will become more impoverished and vulnerable to other unlawful and immoral means to survive.

On the other hand, if significant wage hikes are provided, Tanjusay said the entire economy will also benefit.

“These will be spent right away to purchase basic commodities, pay loans, pay for siblings’ matriculation, and remitted to parents in rural provinces benefitting businesses and job opportunities in the process,” he said.