Palace assures justice will prevail for victims of alleged ‘police excesses’ in drug war

Published June 21, 2018, 6:41 PM

by Roel Tibay

By Genalyn Kabiling

Justice would still be pursued for the victims of alleged “police excesses” in the war on illegal drugs, Malacañang assured Thursday.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque (RESIDENTIAL PHOTO / MANILA BULLETIN)
Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque

Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque said the President’s recent statement about families of slain drug suspects not receiving justice covered only those “nanlaban” or those who resisted arrest or fought with policemen and got killed.

“He obviously refers to those cases involving bullsh*t. So, it does not involve victims who are otherwise victims of police excesses,” Roque said during a Palace news conference.

“Ano namang katarungan ang ibibigay mo kung talagang nanlaban iyong napatay ‘di ba? O iyong mga nagbebenta ng droga, nahuli in the act; napatay dahil nanlaban – oh so iyon ‘yung sinasabi ni Presidente. In fact, wala ka naman talagang makukuhang katarungan doon eh dahil it’s a lawful use of force [What kind of justice will you give if the one who got killed really fought with the police? The President was referring to those who were killed after being caught selling drugs and resisted. In fact, you can’t seek justice for that because it’s a lawful use of force],” he said.

The President recently declared that families of persons killed in his war on drugs would not receive justice.

“If you think that you can get justice simply because you lost somebody who’s a bullsh*t into drugs, I’m sorry to tell you I will not allow it,” Duterte, in his speech at the anniversary celebration of the Department of Foreign Affairs last Monday,

Duterte also said he would not allow the police and other law enforcers to go to jail for performing their duty in the anti-drug campaign. Duterte, who has launched a relentless campaign against drugs and crime, reiterated his vow to kill those who would destroy the nation.

“If you think they have an iota of sympathy, t*** i**. ‘Pag binaril ka diyan alam ko drug lord ka, sagasaan kita ulit limang beses [If you are shot and I know you’re a drug lord, I’ll run you over five times],” he said.