How millennials regard their fathers

Published June 18, 2018, 12:05 AM


By Rica Arevalo

BOYS WILL BE BOYS Kiko Estrada, Elmo Magalona, Donny Pangilinan, and Jerome Ponce play the lead roles in Walwal. All of them have fathers who were once active in show business. (Regal Films)
BOYS WILL BE BOYS Kiko Estrada, Elmo Magalona, Donny Pangilinan, and Jerome Ponce play the lead roles in Walwal. All of them have fathers who were once active in show business. (Regal Films)

On the last shooting day of Jose Javier Reyes’ Walwal produced by Regal Entertainment, Inc., we met its stars Elmo Magalona, Jerome Ponce, and Kiko Estrada and asked them to talk about their fathers—the late Francis Magalona, Jessie Delgado, and Gary Estrada. The boys all had parents who were once active in show business.

Elmo lost his dad when he was turning 16. He remembers his father’s warmth with the people whose paths he crossed. “I admit I don’t have that (warmth) innate in me but that’s one thing I will try to emulate from my dad,” reflects the 2017 Favorite MYX Celebrity VJ winner. “His friends in the industry only have good words for him.  They miss him. He really treated them like family.”

Being a grownup now, Elmo is trying to be more mature and responsible.  “I just hope he’s really proud sa lahat ng challenges na dumadating sa life ko, on how I dealt with them.  Sana he’s really proud of what I’m doing right now,” he reveals.

Jerome’s father is a former action star. “Papa, thank you for making me this strong kind of person,” says the ABS-CBN talent, who also grew up with a stepfather. “He was business minded.  Hindi nauubusan ng idea para kumita, to find a way to earn a living (He has a lot of ideas to earn a living),” he says of his father.

Acting is in Kiko’s blood. His grandfather (Paquito Diaz) and father Gary are actors.  He says, “Coming from a long line of showbiz family, I want them to be proud of me and see me as a good actor. I thank them for disciplining me.”  His idolizes James Dean. “I am a rebel. I’m all over the place when I work. I want to be disciplined, too.”

If they become fathers themselves, how would they fare?  Jerome replies, “I want to be the better version of my dad.  Lahat ng aral na nanggaling satatay ko, sa lolo ko, ipapasa ko sa kanila, (All the values I learned from my dad and grandfather, I would share it to them).”

Elmo will demonstrate his caring side to his future kids. “If it’s a guy or a girl, kahit ano pang gender ng anak ko, sobrang aalagaan ko talaga sila (Whatever gender, I will take real good care of them),” he said. “I want my kid to feel my presence throughout his life, from his childhood hanggang sa pagtanda nya. I hope I can guide them not to be like me, but to be there lang for them whenever they need me.”

Kiko wants to be a cool dad.  “I want the best friends of my kids, to be there on important occasions of their life,” he said. “That’s really important than money, just being there, teaching and guiding them, being a father figure.”

The “father” on the set has good words on his wards. “They come from various backgrounds and from extremely different experiences,” mused Direk Joey. “They are all really smart and intelligent in their own way.”

“Walwal is not really a drinking movie.  It’s about four guys, coming-of-age, who are exploring life through different facets of it,” Kiko said. “It’s also for parents to understand us, the millennial generation, to understand how we make our decisions and to understand it’s really hard to be a kid, growing up and you don’t know what you want.”

Jerome further comments, “Wala pong mali sa mga decisions na ginagawa namin but magkamali man kami, we have our backs, magkakaibigan kami.  We also need the help and guidance of our parents. (There is nothing wrong with our decisions but if we make mistakes, we got everyone’s back.  We are all good friends).”

Written by Gerald Mark Foliente, also in the cast are Donny Pangilinan, Jane de Leon, Devon Seron, Sophia Senoron, and Kisses Delavin. Walwal opens on June 27 at cinemas nationwide.