Mom wrestles with robber

Published June 17, 2018, 7:17 PM

by Francine Ciasico

By Liezle Basa Iñigo

A 33-year-old mother has wrestled with a robber who took her P150,000 cash inside their house at Barangay 16, San Marcos, San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte.

(photo by Pixabay)
(photo by Pixabay)

A belated report from Ilocos Norte Police Provincial Police said Mary Grace Caliva of the said place was sleeping in a room around 1 a.m. yesterday when she heard noise thinking it was her husband who arrived.

She opened the master bedroom) but noticed that the male person was not her husband, prompting her to wrestle with the intruder who grappled the door knob until he was able to lock it from the inside.

The victim then tried to ask for help outside but no one came to her rescu. She went back to their house and she was able to meet the suspect in front of their house where she grabbed the suspect’s hand and she was able to positively identify the suspect as Mark Nelo Tumamao.

The suspect was able to escape from the victim’s hand and fled to unknown direction.

Investigator revealed that the suspect entered and exited from the locked sliding window of their room and carted a cream wallet containing cash amounting to P150.00 that was placed on top of their cabinet.

Around 8 a.m., PNP members conducted a hot pursuit operation the suspect and were able to locate and arrest him.

A robbery case is now being prepared by San Nicolas Police against the suspect.