Never again

Published June 16, 2018, 4:05 PM

by Agence-France-Presse

(Illustration by Rod Cañalita)
(Illustration by Rod Cañalita)

When Rising Newbie (RN) was informed she would have a number with Popular Talent (PT), her heart leapt inside her chest. PT has always been admired by fans and her performances are eagerly anticipated as well so it’s an opportunity for the latter to reach the former’s audience.

Prior to rehearsal, RN allegedly convinced the One in Charge (OC) to give her the highlights of her performance with PT. OC connived and gave RN the challenging parts of the song. When PT learned of the division of the lines, she did not pull rank and just said she was fine with the idea. Despite having more professional experience than RN, PT was very pleasant to her and did not display diva attitude.

As the song was familiar with PT, she thought she was prepared for the number. However, RN had other things in mind and she took that few minutes like someone about to slay a dragon. She raised the bar two notches higher, which was not part of the instructions given to the band and RN. They did not even rehearse that. The live band had no choice but to follow her lead, and they were quite upset because they had to make sure everything sounded right. The most surprised was PT, and she was in shock backstage for a few minutes. The production head had to appease her.

After the performance, the production head reprimanded RN for her stunt. Her action was not well-received by netizens, too. Instead of cooperating and blending, she seemed to have intentionally embarrassed PT. RN excused her actions by saying she got carried away with the song. It’s a flimsy excuse as perceived by some people.

So, when PT was scheduled to appear on the show again, RN proposed for another showdown only this time, she promised to “give way” to PT. However, PT refused to do it. No surprise there.


‘What is essential is to suddenly make a move totally unexpected by the opponent, pick up on the advantage of fright, and seize the victory right then and there.’ – Miyamoto Musashi


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Cost of Caring

With his big earnings, GS purchased a gift for His Mother (HM) who is based abroad. GS invested in a unit in a highly popular city location, thinking that anytime HM comes over to visit, there’s a place always waiting for her. At the time, GS was in a relationship with Network Talent (NT).

One time, a Close Relations (CR) of NT needed a place to stay. GS kindheartedly offered the unit. His relationship with NT was strong and he felt that her family was his, so having CR stay there would not be a major issue.

But when HM came home and proceeded to her unit, she was shocked to see that someone else was occupying her “gift.” GS was told of the situation and he requested CR to leave the unit. But the latter CR refused to budge. GS had to explain this to HM, but their talk turned into a shouting match.


‘When success comes, people can try to trick you or take advantage of you.’ – Christina Aguilera


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