'Dumbo' first trailer released

By MB Online

The first trailer for Disney’s live-action film ‘Dumbo' was finally released on Wednesday.


'Dumbo' follows the story of an elephant born with excessively large ears that made him the comedic focus of the circus owned by Max Medici, played by Danny DeVito.

Medici then hired Holt Farrier (Colin Farrell), a former circus star, and his children Milly (Nico Parker) and Joe (Finley Hobbins) to take care of Dumbo.

Holt’s children then found out Dumbo’s special ability --- flying --- which will catch the attention of entrepreneur V.A. Vandevere.

At the end of the short clip, the teaser promises, “A beloved tale will take you to new heights.”

The film stars Danny DeVito, Colin Farrell, and Nico Parker, Finley Hobbins, and Michael Keaton.

Inspired by the 1941 animated film, 'Dumbo' was directed by Tim Burton and produced by Justin Springer, Ehren Kruger, Katterli Frauenfelder, and Derek Frey.

Dumbo will flap its ears on theaters March 2019.