Tech gifts for your favorite Dad

Published June 11, 2018, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Rom Feria

I can never forget the day my dad, may he rest in peace, told me that he’s proud of me and what I’ve accomplished. I failed to tell him that it was because of their (his and my mom’s) sacrifices and support. If I can turn back time, I’d tell him that. Whilst children can never repay their parents, not that parents expect them to, those little things, not necessarily tangible, that convey appreciation means a lot, a whole lot to us. If you still have your dad with you and you plan on giving him a gift, here are some suggestions that he might appreciate for Father’s Day.

• Amazon Echo Spot

Get Alexa to be your dad’s alarm clock to wake him up to start the day. He can listen (or watch) to the day’s international news (unfortunately, still tailored for mostly US news sources and timezone). The Echo Spot has a small screen, built-in camera, and, of course, a microphone, which can be used to video chat, for free, with other Amazon Echo users (including those with the Amazon Alexa app on their smartphones and Kindle Fire tablets).
• Ember Ceramic Mug

Whilst listening and watching the day’s news on Amazon Echo Spot, get your dad’s coffee in an Ember Ceramic Mug to keep his favorite drink at his favorite temperature. You might say that an insulated mug will do the trick — it does keep your beverage warm longer — but it is unlike the Ember Ceramic Mug, which keeps it at your desired temperature (yes, it has a heating element that warms up you hot drink to maintain the temperature). If your dad wants his coffee on the go, there is a portable Ember Travel Mug, too.
• AirPods

If you dad loves listening to his favorite podcast whilst commuting, or simply loves listening to his carefully crafted playlists, the AirPods is a great addition to his earphone collection. It is, by the far, the easiest bluetooth device to pair with iOS devices (it does pair with Android and other BT devices, too) — just put it close to your iOS device, open the charger lid, and boom! Paired (after you confirm). This is also a great companion to your dad’s workout routine.
• Apple Watch

Speaking of working out, the Apple Watch is, by far, the best smartwatch + fitness watch in the market today. Yes, you can get a smartwatch with more features, but the fitness features pale in comparison. You can also get a fitness watch, but the smartwatch features will be lagging behind. If you have not heard it yet, but there are numerous reports of how the Apple Watch saved a person’s life, either by using it to contact emergency services, or having the watch detect some abnormal heart rate behaviours. So, get your dad the best one — keep him fit, and help monitor his heart, too.
• Rocketbook Reusable Notebooks

Now that your dad is off to work. Get him one of the high tech notebooks available. Get him a couple of Rocketbook Reusable notebooks, either the Wave or the Everlast. Write on them like usual, but after taking a photo of the content (for archiving), you can either use a moistened cloth to erase it (Everlast), or just put it in the microwave and nuke it (Wave)!
• ThinOptics

If your dad uses reading glasses, get him another pair from ThinOptics, so he will never be without a pair of glasses. Get either the phone case or the keyring case so he will have a pair with him everywhere.
• Anker Portable Charger and Battery pack

This charger and battery pack in one is a super-convenient gadget that should come standard with your device. The two USB ports can charge two devices when you are near a power socket, but the built-in 5000 mAh battery can provide sufficient charge for your smartphone to keep it on until you find another power socket.
• Apple TV

Of course, all dads love their downtimes. Watching his favorite TV show or movie, or enjoying photos of kids, or listening to Apple Music, is an excellent way to relax. The latest Apple TV 4K supports HDR, and will soon support Dolby Atmos audio, an industry first!
There you have it, some suggestions for your dad. As a dad myself, I am sure that your dad (and single moms, too) will enjoy them, too. To the dad’s out there, Happy Father’s Day!