Winning b-day surprises

Published June 6, 2018, 4:05 PM

by Agence-France-Presse

‘aja aja tayo’ hosts: Mr. Fu, Jojo Alejar and Wilma Doesnt
‘aja aja tayo’ hosts: Mr. Fu, Jojo Alejar and Wilma Doesnt

My birthday is tomorrow, June 8, and, of course, I want it to be very special. (inannounce ko talaga para sa mga gustong magregalo!). Three things will make the occasion even more exciting (mas exciting pa sa excited!).

First, my 91.5 Win Radio family will launch two special promos tomorrow, (naki-ride talaga ako sa promo ng station!) and these are the Walang Lipatan Radio Promo and Ang Bagong Tunog Campaign. Walang Lipatan encourages our listeners to enjoy our shows and music the whole day (or kahit bente kwatro oras dahil di natutulog ang mga DJs!) and they will have the chance to win P500 from each show and P1,000 for a special raffle draw (so, lilipat ka pa ba?!).

“This is our way expressing our gratitude to our loyal listeners,” Win Radio Station Manager Manny Luzon explains (sir, penge pera!).

The Bagong Tunog Campaign, on the other hand, is a big surprise for all our listeners. Basta, they just have to stay tuned to know what it’s about (may pagbitin ha!).

There will also be a special launch for our WTFu channel on YouTube tomorrow. We are set to release our “In Love FU ako” podcast. It features my love advice highlighted by my character’s unique brand of comedy (may branding?!).

“Mr. FU offers a refreshingly funny take on different relationship problems because sometimes all we need is a truly objective and sometimes irreverent outlook on our love problems,” WTFu producer Lex Bonife says (ako na ang refreshing?!).

Exactly a month from now, we will launch the first Filipino-Korean variety challenge game show on TV5 titled “Aja Aja Tayo!” (July 7, Saturday, 11:30 a.m.). It features interesting Korean games and challenges with Filipino and Korean celebrities as contestants (oo, fly ang mga Koreans sa Pinas for this!). Host-comedy actress Wilma Doesnt and I will be the show’s team Captains, while host-actor Jojo Alejar and Korean TV Personality Steena will be the moderators (R50,000 ang premyo ng winning team with bonus na kimchi! Kimchi?!).

These are just some of the many beautiful things to come for the celebration of my special day. (ume-expect talaga?!) Thank you for all the support! Love and light to everyone! (Pwedeng samahan ng something ’yung support ha! may ganon?! Push!)


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