PPA gives outsourced personnel chance to secure entry-level posts

Published June 6, 2018, 7:04 PM

by Roel Tibay

By Betheena Kae Unite

Internet-based training has been provided to all outsourced personnel in the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) in order to qualify for entry-level positions in the agency.

Philippine Ports Authority Logo
Philippine Ports Authority Logo

The PPA recently announced that it is giving all its outsourced personnel a chance to compete with other qualified applicants in all its entry level and technical positions this year provided they possess the needed eligibility requirements.

According to Atty. Jay Daniel Santiago, PPA general manager, the agency has about 1,192 outsourced personnel spread over its Corporate Office and its 25 other Port Management Offices nationwide.

However, 73 percent of them are not equipped with the needed eligibility requirements.

To provide fair chance to the outsourced personnel, the Human Resource Management Department (HRMD) of the PPA was directed to assist all outsourced personnel in attaining the necessary Civil Service Eligibility.

An internet-based training was also implemented to assist the personnel.

“Online review materials and sample exams for Civil Service examinations are provided for specific subject matters, which were identified earlier as ‘weak points’ of personnel in the CS Eligibility exams,” Santiago said.

The agency has recently installed and launched an open-sourced platform where online modules and courses are uploaded and made available to participants.

The new e-learning platform is developed to optimize the review of outsourced personnel and training requirements of regular employees, according to HRMD Manager Mark Jon Palomar.

Civil Service reviewers and sample exams were uploaded in the site where prospective examinees from the pool of PPA outsourced personnel can access it in their most convenient time using mobile, tablets and laptops to prepare themselves, Palomar added.

Further the Learning Management System (LMS) is envisioned to address not only competency gaps but as an effective alternative to career development, Elizabeth De Jesus, program administrator, said.

The developed modules will be uploaded in LMS where employees will have access to. The LMS is designed as learning and development intervention, as well as, an assessment and diagnostic tool, De Jesus added.

Once uploaded in LMS, target PPA employees will be able to access the modules and benefit from it without them having to travel, thus reducing training cost.

Meantime, the human resource department of the agency is coordinating with the Civil Service Commission on a possible schedule of examination for PPA outsourced personnel on July and November 2018.

The initiative, PPA general manager said, is in preparation for the full implementation of a Joint Memorandum Order among three government agencies — Civil Service Commission, Commission on Audit and the Department of Budget and Management — requiring all government agencies to restrict the need of hiring outsourced personnel starting 2019.