Celebrities who swear by Intermittent Fasting

Published June 5, 2018, 4:05 PM

by Agence-France-Presse

CHRISTOPHER WITH  wife Gladys Reyes
wife Gladys Reyes

Two celebrity dads are now fitspirations to many people after losing pounds, claiming they did it largely through intermittent fasting.

CHRISTOPHER ROXAS is now  down to 165 lbs
down to 165 lbs

One of them is actor Marco Alcaraz, husband of actress and Miss International 2005 beauty queen Precious Lara Quigaman.

“I tried other diets but with my work in show business I have a hard time keeping up with those. It’s hard to count calories during tapings and eating steamed chicken and kamote and boiled eggs can become very boring after quite some time.

“Then somebody told me about intermittent fasting or IF. This diet involves 16 hours of fasting then you have an eight-hour window to eat. I have been doing it for months.

“For the first three months I was really strict with what what I was eating. I was only eating quinoa, grilled fish or chicken and a lot of fruits and vegetables. Now I eat almost everything but in moderation during my window hours. But I still avoid pork though. It’s been quite a while that I have eaten pork and I might never eat it again, hopefully.”

Christopher Roxas, husband of actress Gladys Reyes and father of their three children, is another actor who swears that intermittent fasting is the diet that improved his physique. He is down to 165 lbs and has 32 inch waistline.

MARCO WITH wife Precious  Lara Quigaman
MARCO WITH wife Precious
Lara Quigaman

“My waistline before was 35 and I used to weigh 184 lbs. I have been active in sports, doing basketball, boxing, going to the gym but I noticed I didn’t get the result that I really wanted. I used to work out intensely only to lose just a few lbs. and afterwards gaining more than what I lost. I found out all along I was doing it wrong. Then I read about IF or intermittent fasting and I found out that my friend Carlos Agassi, is doing the same thing and he told me the benefits of it. After 3 weeks of doing IF, I immediately saw results. Now that I am on my second year of doing intermittent fasting, doing IF is not anymore about getting great body results. It’s about longevity, being healthy and fit, looking good is just a bonus. It takes sacrifice, commitment and discipline to achieve your goals. If you have acid reflux like me, you can combine IF and a keto diet. But I suggest you consult your dietician first about it.”

MARCO ALCARAZ loses pounds after  doing intermittent fasting
MARCO ALCARAZ loses pounds after
doing intermittent fasting

But if fasting isn’t your thing, Roxas gives one very simple diet plan that can save your body and maybe even your life.

“It’s this simple, you want to be fit? Lay off from sugar! Anything that has sugar or will turn into sugar, do not consume, that’s the only way to lose weight and stay healthy for your wife and your children.”

Like we always say, before going on any kind of diet plan, it is best to consult with a doctor.