Is Johnny Depp sick? Fans worried over wan appearance

Published June 4, 2018, 7:51 AM

by manilabulletin_admin


Fans of Johnny Depp raised concerns on the actor’s health after photos of him looking wan surfaced on the Internet.

(Instagram via @kurlakatrin & @nadezdashestakova / MANILA BULLETIN)
(Instagram via @kurlakatrin & @nadezdashestakova / MANILA BULLETIN)

The viral photos of “Pirates of the Caribbean” star with fans were taken at Four Seasons hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia, Fox News reported.

Netizens pointed out the 54-year-old actor and musician looked gaunt and pallid.

“Johnny Depp is not doing well guys,” one Twitter user said.

“Johnny Depp doesn’t look too good health-wise. I really hope he’s okay,” said another.

Handle rLynnBbyx, meanwhile hoped that the actor’s different appearance is just a preparation for another movie.

“Please please tell me that Johnny Depp is just prepping for a movie and not that he is sick cause he doesn’t look so good here. He looks sick. Or is stress with his life finally catching up with him ?”Either way, he doesn’t look like the Depp we all know!” the fan stated.

Others said Depp was just probably tired from touring with his band Hollywood Vampires.

“Johnny Depp is touring with the Vampires right now. People don’t realize how physically exhausting touring actually is so if he looks tired or has lost a little bit of weight, it’s for obvious reasons. It doesn’t mean he’s sick or dying,” a netizen tweeted.