The Young Rothschilds’ Global launch of pink wine with ice

Published June 3, 2018, 12:05 AM


By Tina Hidalgo Jacinto

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Every heralded wine pairing dinners organized by wine connosieur TitaTrillo of Titania Wine Cellar, transport wine and food enthusiasts into an absolute gastronomical realm.  Mouton Cadet has partnered up as the official wine of global organizations, such as the Ryder’s Cup, the America’s Cup, and the Cannes Film Festival.  Titania has set a standard for perfection, introducing the latest wines with fine dining; and with Manila Hotel’s romantic and iconic Champagne Room, it made the event all the more exciting for the guests. Guest of honor, Florent Bouvier of Baron Philippe de Rothschild, the genial Southeast Asia representative of Mouton Cadet 3.0 flew into town for this special occasion.

Over dinner, Florent explained to us that the young Rothschilds have come up with these new wines. We enjoyed the cocktail wine – the Ice Rose Signe’, which was fresh and young.  The pink wine is intended to be mixed with ice, giving it a refreshingly delicate sip, especially during these hot summer months. On its global launch, both the young and the seasoned experts who have known the brand, welcomed this new style with the rest of the world. Florent expounded on the new generation Mouton Cadet Rouge dubbed 3.0 for three reasons: First, this vintage 2015 is the first vintage; second, this is released by the Rothschild’s third generation, namely, Philippe Sereys de Rothschild, Camille Sereys de Rothschild, and Julien de Beaumarchais de Rothschild and third, thechange of the label since its creation, exemplifying Mouton Cadet’s commitment to innovation and tradition. Tita introduced to her discriminating foodies a new level of meticulously crafted wine pairing fare: Poached King Prawn in Zucchini Ribbon and Roasted Kumara Squash Bisque paired with Mouton Cadet America’s Cup Limited Edition Rose and Blanc.  Excellent was the superb, smooth Mouton Cadet Rouge paired with Sous Vide moist, slowly roasted Star Anis Beef Short Ribs.  For the grand finale, Mouton Cadet Reserve Sauterne served with irresistibleOhina Chocolate gateau.



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As my husband Rupert and I descended the escalator to Spirals, we felt the pulse of being in the Land of the Morning Calm, South Korea.  Sofitel Philippine Plaza Spiral in collaboration with the Korean cultural Center recently showcased its latest Flavors of the World, Seoul-ful Gastronomy. The festivities were opened by Korean AmbassadorHan Dong-Man and his lovely wife Jang Soongkyun galong with Marketing & Sales Assia Daourova and director of PR, Yasmine Hidalgo,who was recently awarded The Hotelier Awards 2018, Asia.

Looking to get Korean culture across, the opening number was the traditional Korean dance number. Korean Master Chef Hyeon Cheol Joo ‘s  expertise in his modern take on traditional specialties was central to exploring Sofitel Philippine Plaza Spiral Flavors of the World culinary series.  Chef Joo won the silver medal at the International Young Chef Challenge in 2013 and gold medal of the Seoul International Food and Tableware Festival in 2015. He sources fresh local ingredients and cooks dishes based with red pepper paste, soybean paste, and soy sauce which are most representative of South Korean cuisine.

The Spiral Korean station earned fervent praises from the Korean Ambassador and his wife as well as the media present. Chef Hyeon CheoiJoo former head chef of Seoul Dragon City Korean station of In Style gave a cooking demonstration of Bibimbap, Korean seafood & spring pancake and bean curd –shrimp pancake.  Among Chef Joo’s expertly made dishes  at the Korean atelier were two kinds of the national dish kimchi -fresh  kimchi  and  fruit and turnip kimchi;  Beef Bulgogi; Grilled  red chili Deodeok  and healthy desserts of sweet rice punch, sweet rice with dates, and the Omija magnolia berries punch.