QC gov’t builds 131 classrooms for public schools

Published June 2, 2018, 12:18 PM

by Francine Ciasico

By Chito Chavez

The Quezon City government has added 131 classrooms in the city’s public schools in time for the opening of classes on Monday.


With this, Mayor Herbert Bautista said the addition ensures a more manageable student to classroom ratio as the country is constantly besieged by the shortage of classrooms.

In many parts of the country, the shortage of classrooms have been a perennial problem as some have conducted their classes in gymnasium, tents and other makeshift classrooms.

Others public schools were forced to accommodate more than the desired 30 students in one classroom as the number have reached as much as 70 in some schools.

Of the total, five school buildings consisting of 93 classrooms were built for the Senior High School (SHS) program.

Bautista said the city government has been working overtime to have the new school buildings completed in time for the school opening in June.

Recently, Bautista led the inauguration of the new school buildings, which were built to accommodate the city’s growing student population especially in areas which have a large concentration of urban poor communities, including Districts II, V and VI.

Those inaugurated were the 4-storey 12-classroom school building at Batasan National High School; 4-storey 17-classroom school building at President Corazon Aquino Elementary School; 4-storey 18-classroom school building at Ismael Mathay Sr. High School; 4-storey 17-classroom school building at New Era High School; 4-storey 21-classroom school building at West Fairview High School; 4-storey 20-classroom school building at North Fairview High School and the three school buildings at Ernesto Rondon High School composed of 2-storey 6-classroom school building and one 4-storey 9-classroom school building.

“Hopefully, with the completion of these additional school buildings, the city government will be able to reduce the ratio of student-to-classroom distribution in these areas,” Bautista said.

The city government has also poured in a considerable amount of investments for the procurement of IT equipment and software as well as technical, vocational and scientific equipment for the various tracks of the senior high school program.

With the equipment provided by the city government to the SHS, the students are expected to meet the required competencies to better prepare them for the world of work, pursue higher education and become future entrepreneurs, the Mayor said.

To date, the Mayor said, the city government has already improved the distribution ratio in Districts I, III and IV.

Aside from the seven completed school buildings, at least 12 three to four storey school buildings which can provide 236 additional classrooms are now under construction. The city government will be spending at least P1.12 billion for school construction.

Prior to the completion and inauguration of the 131 additional classrooms, the city government, under the Bautista administration, had already built 253 additional classrooms.