EcoWaste Coalition urges village, youth officials to enforce Ecological Solid Management Act

Published June 2, 2018, 6:05 PM

by Roel Tibay

By Analou De Vera

An environmental group has urged village and youth officials to enforce Republic Act 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act.

EcowasteCoalition logo (Photo courtesy of
EcowasteCoalition logo (Photo courtesy of Manila Bulletin)

“The active and honest-to-goodness enforcement of R.A. 9003 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations, as well as related ordinances, hinge on the political will of local leaders to put into action the basic requirements of ecological solid waste management,” said Aileen Lucero, national coordinator, EcoWaste Coalition.

“We, therefore, urge our Barangay and SK leaders-elect to put the genuine implementation of R.A. 9003 at the centerpiece of their environmental and health programs, which also has the potential of creating recycling-based livelihoods and enterprises,” she added.

The group emphasized that the barangays are the frontline of the government and is “required under R.A. 9003 to develop an ecological solid waste management program, promote waste segregation, implement a segregated collection for biodegradable and nonbiodegradable discards, and set up Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) in every barangay or cluster of barangays.”

The group said the village officials should conduct an evaluation of their existing solid waste management plans.

“They can start by conducting a quick evaluation of existing solid waste management plans upon their assumption of office with the goal of improving waste prevention, reduction and diversion strategies, and targets with broad community participation,” Lucero said.