Hino debuts new line of Euro 4 heavy-duty trucks

Published May 31, 2018, 4:05 PM

by manilabulletin_admin

Hino Motors, Ltd. Chairman, Ichihashi, builds rapport with the Hino partners during the Hino HDT campaign launch
Hino Motors, Ltd. Chairman, Ichihashi, builds rapport with the Hino partners during the Hino HDT campaign launch

Taking its ‘Total Support’ principle a notch higher, Hino Motors Philippines (HMP) launches the Experience Total Support campaign with the unveiling of new heavy-duty trucks.

Seeing the Philippines as a key market for HMP, the company continues to expand its line of trucks and buses to cater to the different markets in the country. It launched its models with P11C Engine last year to reinforce its position in the midrange segment. The heavy-duty trucks, meanwhile, target businesses with heavier requirements and those involved in development projects, which are expected to increase in number on the back of the government’s Build3X program.

The new 700 series from HMP, distributor of Hino trucks and buses, aims to meet growing demand in the country’s trucking industry spurred by the rise in the number of development and infrastructure projects. The Euro 4 heavy-duty trucks likewise hope to provide businesses across the country with more options to address their logistical requirements and expand or upgrade their fleet.

The new heavy-duty trucks from HMP consist of the SS2P, SH2P, FS2P and FY2P models.

The SS2P is a 6-wheeler truck with a high roof, 60 ton gross combined weight and 40 to 45 ton pulling capacity. The SH2P is another high-roof 6-wheeler truck but with 45.5 ton gross combined weight and 30 to 35 ton pulling capacity. The SS2P and SH2P trucks feature 16-speed and 12-speed transmission, respectively.

The FS2P comes in two models – the FS2PMUM with 33.1 ton gross vehicle weight and the FS2PMUD with 32.3 ton gross vehicle weight. Both are 10-wheeler trucks with 12-speed transmission and STD roof. The FS2PMUM comes with a 9m³ mixer body while the FS2PMUD has a 15m³ dump body.

The FY2P heavy-duty trucks are available in three variants: the FY2PUUM, FY2PWUD and FY2PYUA. The first two have STD roofs while the last has a high roof. All are 12-wheeler trucks with 12-speed transmission and 39.4 ton gross vehicle weight. The FY2PUUM features a 10m³ mixer body and CBU chassis, and the FY2PWUD has a 20m³ dump truck body. The FY2PYUA features a 32-foot OAL body for cargo requirements.

“The Total Support that Hino continually aims is to maximize operation and minimize lifetime cost of our lifetime business partners. We strongly believe that providing best-fit products and total support are indispensable as we support customers’ business and contribute to society and grow with them at the same time,” said Hino Motors, Ltd. Chairman, Yasuhiko Ichihashi.

“We remain firm in our commitment to offer only the right and good-quality products and services to meet the right requirements of our customers and partners. Hino is zealous to growing its business in the Philippines, which is one of the fastest-growing markets globally in this industry,” said HMP Chairman, Vicente T. Mills, Jr.

“It is during these times of growth and changes that it is even more important to have a secure, reliable and efficient logistics partner for businesses to survive. Rest assured that Hino will continue to develop and deliver technologies and upgrade its products to meet your every truck and bus requirement,” said HMP President, Hiroshi Aoki.