Beauty, burgers, and wings

Published May 24, 2018, 12:05 AM


By Sol Vanzi

Images by Noel B. Pabalate

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When we joined a group of very young food bloggers at the opening of a burger joint reviving the trademark Scott, we had not expected to write anything spectacular. After all, the original Scott burger stores were cheapie outfits near transport terminals and stations and were best known for their buy-one-take-one gimmick that catered mostly to jeepney-riding commuters. We were wrong.

Big Wings

The relaunched Scott now serves the biggest, tastiest chicken wings in town, seasoned with sauces that come in varying degrees of spiciness. Although it is referred to as a burger joint, Scott also offers steamed white rice. More than half the customers pair wings with rice and eat Filipino style. The wings are so big that an order of six pieces can be enough for three persons.

The owners, Lloyd Lee and beauty queen wife Shamcey Supsup, narrated their long search for a chicken wing supplier that could maintain a steady flow of extra large wings, which are almost the size of a medium drumstick.

Another outstanding aspect of their chicken wings is the secret thin crispy coating, or breading, which follows a secret formula and procedure to produce a bound breading crust that does not crumble away with each bite.

And then there are the sauces, which are brushed on the wings immediately after deep frying to maximize absorption. When ordering the spiciest variant, diners are advised to keep the sauce on the side just in case they underestimate the strength of the chili sauce.

Whimsical Refuge 

Recalling the original Scott’s origin, the revival venture at Uptown Mall, BGC flashes back to train stations where the original Scott Burger outlets flourished in the 1980s under the helm of Lloyd’s uncle Greg.

Brightly painted with summer colors are dining booths resembling tables and seats of old trains. Names of train stops are posted overhead. The whole place is cooled by vents blowing cold air on customers who are seeking refuge from the 45-degree heat outside.

No Fastfood Lines

Service is fast and efficient, thanks to waiters and service personnel who seat the diners, take their orders, and deliver the food and drinks quickly. They also patiently explain how to avail of the buy-one-take-one special promo for Burgers-by-the-Box.

All burger variants may be bought by the box, with each box containing six burgers. Buy one box and you get a second box free. No hidden charges. The promo is applicable for all kinds of burgers with a choice of marinades: original, single patty, double patty, and premium.

Burgers, wings, fish fillet, and potato chips are also mixed and matched in combinations called Bundles of Joy.

All in all, our food outing to Scott Burger at Uptown Mall was a pleasant experience. I can hardly wait for their expansion to reach my neighborhood. Shamcey’s giant crisp wings and saucy burgers are truly unforgettable.