Trillanes asks: What has happened in Marawi rehabilitation a year after?

Published May 23, 2018, 2:58 PM

by Patrick Garcia


By Vanne Elaine Terrazola

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is calling for a Senate inquiry into the status of the on the government’s rehabilitation efforts in Marawi City, a year after the attack of IS-inspired terrorist groups.

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV gestures during during the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee’s probe on the smuggling of the P6.4-billion shabu from Xiamen, China. (Czar Dancel / MANILA BULLETIN)
Senator Antonio Trillanes IV

Trillanes filed Senate Resolution 742 on the anniversary of the eruption of the Marawi siege Wednesday, as he lamented that the government still lacks a comprehensive plan on rebuilding he war-torn city.

“A year after the Marawi siege, the government has yet to present a comprehensive plan on how it intends to rehabilitate the city and assist our kababayans (countrymen) there. Worse, its efforts are hampered by a number of issues, from questionable contractors who would rebuild the city, to displacement or land grabbing fears of the affected residents,” he said in a statement.

“One year after it erupted, our affected kababayans continue to suffer and remain to be on the losing end of this crisis. How can the government alleviate their suffering if until now it still has no final and comprehensive rehabilitation plan?” he added.

In his SRN 742, Trillanes asked the Senate Special Committee on Marawi City Rehabilitation, which was created last year to monitor the progress of rehabilitation efforts in the city, to look into the reconstruction, relief and rehabilitation plans for Marawi City.

Particularly, Trillanes wanted to ask as the Task Force Bangon Marawi on matters relating to livelihood, and the case of “bakwits” or internally displaced persons, after the five-month long armed conflict.

With the Senate inquiry, Trillanes said he aims to “ensure that the government…will be able to deliver on its commitment to prioritize  the post-disaster recovery of Marawi City.”

Trillanes, at the same time, filed Senate Resolution 743 which calls on the Senate Committee on National Defense and Security to investigate on the circumstances that led to the armed conflict between the government forces and terrorist groups.

The second resolution aims to institute policies “to avoid similar conflicts from arising again.”

“There should be joint efforts between the Department of National Defense and other government agencies to assess the lessons, including lapses on the part of the government, why the battle between the government forces and the terrorists lasted for five months,” Trillanes said.

The government, earlier, estimated the total cost of the rehabilitation of Marawi at P72 billion.