Instagram inspires us to eat healthy

By Kathrina Ysabel Pineda

Who says eating healthy is boring and bland? Well, Instagram will prove you wrong.Instagram serves as a platform for inspirational posts and healthy eating is among the many things that people promote on the social media app.

If #healthyeating is your goal then you can find plenty of inspiration to #eathealthy and #eatclean through Instagram.  Temptation may be strong; but remember, control is in our hands-- or what we see on our feed, that is.

Look no further as we give you a list of eye-pleasing Instagram accounts to serve as your everyday motivation/inspiration.



The account is by Sarah and she will not only satisfy your eyes; but she will satisfy your hunger as well. Posted on the account are photos of well-curated food on platters that include fruits, vegetables, and some protein like eggs and seafood.



Livegreenhealthy whips up recipes from all over the web to share to followers. If you are thinking of adding flare to your healthy meals, this account is the place to be. From breakfast to dessert, livegreenhealthy has got you covered.



Sugar, as delicious as it may be, is said to cause a lot of health and skin problems, including acne and diabetes. I Quit Sugar will accompany you on your journey as you ditch the sweetest temptation. This account will show you ways on how you can indulge on sugarless desserts, and healthy meals from breakfasts to dinners.



With over a million followers, Deliciously Ella promotes sugar-free, glutten-free, and basically plant based eating. If you find the transition to eat healthy difficult, this account is just the place to look into the beauty of eating healthy. She can even teach her followers how to elevate their meals to the next level.



The account is by husband and wife Kezia and Jared.  They’ll show you how taking care of yourself and others at the same time is achievable. The couple share their own twists to everyday healthy foods and not to mention, they do it in an aesthetically-pleasing way. Talk about #couplegoals.



Take it from a holistic nutritionist to show you the benefits of eating healthy. It helps too that her feed is exceptional-looking. Sarah has been in the game for a decade and her blog has all the recipes and inspiration you need to get on your healthy eating journey.