Monreal orders strict adherence to MIAA policies, regulations on use of IDs

By Dhel Nazario

The top official of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) signed over the weekend a memorandum reiterating strict adherence to MIAA policies and regulations on the use of access Identification Cards (IDs) issued by MIAA to all airport employees and stakeholders.


According to MIAA general manager Ed Monreal, the order came following a recent smuggling attempt by a Bureau of Customs supervisor. It is also pursuant to Transportation Secretary Tugade's instruction for MIAA to take drastic measures to ensure that its access control system is not violated.

"I will be deploying a special team to monitor compliance to the guidelines. Outright confiscation of the access card shall be done if anyone is caught violating. I will be designating confiscating officers to carry this out," Monreal stressed.

In the memorandum, airport employees and stakeholders are reminded to confine their movements within areas indicated on their access card or duty pass.

It also states that the access privilege granted to employees cannot be used to assist, meet or send off a passenger. It is only intended to enable them to carry out their duties as airport workers in their respective work stations.

Visitor's pass suspension

Visitor's Pass issued to individuals who wish to meet or send off family, friends or relatives has been suspended. According to Monreal, the temporary suspension shall also give MIAA time to revisit its policies and regulations on its issuance.

"Observations, comments and suggestions from recent security assessments conducted by foreign transport departments shall help us in the review process. They are valuable inputs in the enhancement of the security features of our visitor’s pass," Monreal explained.

Those who still who wish to have their family, friends and relatives assisted can avail the services of the MIAA Public Affairs office through its Meet and Assist Service who can be reached through 853-5998 or through their email at for inquiries.

On the other hand, visitors pass for purpose of meeting official guests of government shall be subject to submission of an official request signed by the head of agency or his authorized representative and subject to approval of the Office of the General Manager.