Published May 18, 2018, 12:05 AM


By Pierra Calasanz-Labrador

@tinypoem on Instagram

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Nothing looks better on a woman than confidence; and when you want to complement that inner glow with sun-kissed statement pieces, reach for Pandora’s latest collection. The popular Danish brand recently unveiled Pandora Shine, its 18k gold-plated sterling silver collection. Gold has long been regarded as timeless and regal—personally, I love how it sparkles against my morena skin—and Pandora Shine’s golden pieces are designed to “elevate every woman’s journey in expressing their dynamic energy and positivity.”

The Pandora Shine line kicks off Spring 2018 with two offerings: the Bee Mine and the Rays of Sunshine collections.

Bee Mine is a delightfully luxurious take on nature-inspired pieces: intricately crafted golden bees, honeycomb shapes, and sun motifs. The Queen Bee is the centerpiece of the collection, featuring glossy honey colors, vibrant yellows, black enamel stripes, and clear cubic zirconia stones in designs inspired by the geometric structure of honeycombs. The collection also includes a lovely heart-shaped Honeycomb Lace pendant, ring, earrings, and charms, while the limited-edition choker, ring, and bracelet with delicate bee details and honeycomb shapes are chic must-haves.

Meanwhile, the Rays of Sunshine collection is inspired by the glow of the sun and women who beam with joy, warmth, and compassion. Designed to attract positive energy for the soul, the Rays of Sunshine charm and pendant evoke a beautiful vintage vibe, while the signature piece is the new sliding bracelet, with a stylish and contemporary yet subtly bohemian feel to complement any look.

Each Pandora Shine piece consists of sterling silver at its core, palladium as a second layer, and a deep, rich 18k gold on top, created using a fusion of artisanal electroplating and modern technology, and hand-finished to perfection.

True to its brand vision of empowerment, Pandora Shine piece is designed to encourage women to shine bright in their authenticity. The beauty of the Bee Mine and Rays of Sunshine debut collections is that the pieces can be mixed and matched, and each golden trinket complements a woman’s natural radiance. Wear your favorite piece on its own, or play and layer it your way for maximum impact!


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