A fitspiration to mothers

Published May 15, 2018, 12:05 AM



Being a mom with a full time job and keeping fit at the same time may seem nearly impossible for many, if not most women. But not for the super active and very hands on mom, Dyan Castillejo-Garcia, a renowned sportscaster, former swimmer and tennis player, fitness enthusiast, and brand ambassador for Wheatgrass C.A.N. International.

Dyan’s definition of wellness is very different from the usual answers we get from individuals who also pursue fitness primarily for health and aesthetic reasons.

“You may not be able to fulfill God’s full plan for your life if you are not able bodied. I really feel like taking care of your health is part of being obedient to God because you are taking care of your body. Of course God also made the other sweet things for us to enjoy but once in a while not as a lifestyle,” said Dyan.

Dyan Fit Tips

When asked how she keeps herself fit, she shared that she makes her workout part of her schedule. An hour a day, five times a week. She can do workouts just about anywhere—8k runs, stretching, and ab workouts, name it, Dyan has done it. She brings workout clothes with her whenever and wherever she travels.

For Dyan, living a healthy lifestyle is vital for her to function in all aspects of her life. She hates the feeling of being weak and tends to get grumpy if not fit. Her perspective on wellness has become an inspiration to a lot of people these past years. People would constantly ask her for fitness tips, which resulted to her finally coming up with her very own Dyan Fit videos, which can be viewed on YouTube. From being an active woman who enjoys watching workout videos, she now helps people get into the habit of working out by sharing her own videos online. “I love to share with people how to be healthy,” said Dyan.

Dyan Fit Food

We all want to know what type of food we should eat to be fit and stay fit. For Dyan, however, healthy eating doesn’t just happen. It is well planned. She is very much involved in planning their menu in the kitchen. She takes charge of what her cook puts into her food bag, which she carries around with her all day in the car. This is one practical tip every convenient diner with a mobile lifestyle could use. Don’t have a clue on what to put inside your food bag? Dyan shares about her usual fare when you peek inside her food bag. It is packed with bottles of water enough for the entire day, vegetables, fruits, hot protein dishes, and packets of pure wheatgrass, which she takes up to four sachets daily.

“I like the amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and the portability because I am always traveling and it’s hard to find vegetables. I mix it with all drinks. Coffee and juice. It helped with my muscle tone. First thing in the morning, when I wake up, I always take Easy Phamax wheatgrass first. It’s been part of my life for almost 10 years” shared Dyan.

Dyan is also keen on consuming multigrain, tofu, fish, beans, and chicken. She avoids simple carbohydrates. Her eating lifestyle prevents her from mindlessly grabbing anything unhealthy. There is deliberate intention in the way she prepares her food, as well as her eating pattern.

Her healthy lifestyle has made a tremendous impact on her family, most especially on her only son Matthew. Dyan does lead by example. “Matthew also takes wheatgrass with honey. I’m a user and pusher of wheatgrass, the enzymes, and the anticancer properties in the roots,” Dyan said.

Matthew was breastfed up to three years old and was not introduced to junk food when he was younger to prevent sickness. Just like his mom, Matthew lives an active lifestyle by regularly training and competing in tennis competitions in the country and internationally.

Dyan sends a very important message to all parents and would be parents about health and wellness: “I am very strong in wishing or believing that one of the best things that a parent can give his or her child is not just financial support or good education but also stressing the value of living a healthy lifestyle because that is going to affect him, his or her family in the future, the way he lives, it’s going to affect the whole family because when you are not healthy, you can really get sick.”

Be inspired to be fit not just for yourself but also for your family with Dyan Castillejo-Garcia’s Dyan Fit now.

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