A room to spare

By Samantha Nicole Alarilla

Do you have a spare room at home and have no idea what to do with it? That’s okay. When you’re faced with all that empty space, the possibilities are practically endless. Luckily, we’ve got suggestions for every kind of person that’ll make deciding what to do and getting to work a lot easier.

Here are a few ways you can transform a spare room:


1.If you work at home…then how about a home office or study?

At times, working in your bedroom or in communal areas like the dining area or living room can mean many distractions and result in unproductivity. A home office or study will give you a quiet place to work conducive to focus and efficiency. Deck your spare room out with a desk, an ergonomic office chair, shelves or a bookcase for your materials, and any other gadgets and equipment you might need to get it done.


2.If you’re looking for some fun…then how about an entertainment room?

Have an entire space dedicated to movies and games! If you have the means to go all the way, you can even turn your room into a mini theater with a huge LED screen, a surround sound system, and leather reclining chairs to boot. You could turn it into a gaming room decked out with different consoles. And you don’t have to stop there; have a table for board games and tabletops too!


3.If you’re the artsy type…then how about a craft room?

Artists need big, creative spaces to create their masterpieces – whichever medium they use – as well as organized storage spaces for their tools and materials. Have a big desk or table as your workspace and shelves, cabinets, or bookcases for your paraphernalia. The more creative the better, really get into personalizing the space that’s meant to inspire you.


4.If you need peace and quiet…then how about a quiet room or a prayer room?

If you need to steal away some time and space for meditation, reflection, or prayer, then this might be for you. Equip it with all the things that’ll help you have these peaceful moments.


5.If you’re the bibliophile…then how about a mini library?

It would be great to have a quiet space all to yourself and your books, especially when you’re hunkering down to finish the last installment of a riveting series! Deck your spare room out with shelves or bookcases for your books and a comfy chair or even couch for you to read in. You can even add a side table or coffee table for books you’re currently reading and snacks to munch on while you’re reading them!


6.If you’re the trendy fashionista…then how about a walk-in closet?

Now’s your chance to fulfill your dream of having a walk-in closet like your favorite style icon. All you’ll need are shelves, shelves, and more shelves, as well as a lot of hanging spaces. There are many layouts for you to choose from if you’re in need of a little guidance and inspiration.


7.If you love having people over…then how about a guest room?

Sometimes your guests need to stay the night and it’d be best to have a room specially equipped to accommodate them. Deck it out with only the best – a high quality bed bed, clean, crisp sheets, soft, fluffy pillows a side table with some reading material or a vase of fresh flowers. Stock the bathroom with toiletries and have towels and footwear especially for them. You’ll surely make your guests feel right at home.


8.If you’re all about getting fit…then how about a home gym?

Have an entire space dedicated to your exercise and put your yoga mats, exercise gear and weights there. If you have a big room you can even include machines like a treadmill or an elliptical. Just make sure the room gets a lot of air and ventilation and you’re good to go.