The Rambo-style business managers

Published May 4, 2018, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Nelly Favis-Villafuerte

Many people feel uncomfortable about delegating authority, tasks and responsibilities to their subordinates.  However, there are also some people who enjoy delegating authority.  In short, delegation is not something that comes spontaneously.

Exporters and other businessmen should learn to delegate authority and/or work.  It is a requirement that they do so.  For their good health; for their good relationship with their workers; and for the career development and growth of their workers.  With the increasing decisions, issues, and tasks that businessmen including exporters have to attend to in the local and global arena – delegating work at this time is not a matter of option but a matter of necessity.

Delegation covers both delegation of decisions and delegation of work.  In both instances, boundaries and limits should be set.  Not barriers, though.  Delegating decisions is giving authority to a person to act in one’s place or in one’s behalf.  On the other hand, delegating work is handing down tasks or physical jobs that may not require the exercise of decision-making.  In both cases, the qualification of the employees is important to consider to make sure that the talents are compatible with the jobs delegated.  Screening the qualification of the employees will also minimize any complaint of favoritism or discrimination.  It may happen though that there may be more than one person who is qualified for the job to be delegated.  What then?  One option is to delegate the job to those who are qualified and who will work as a team rather than to assign the job to one person alone.

The trouble with many Filipino businessmen including exporters is that they delude themselves into believing that they are the only ones who can make the right decisions and who can do the work the right way.  They refuse to delegate.  They are afflicted with the so called “lone ranger syndrome.”  They love to play the role of managerial martyrs.

Yes, these so-called lone-ranger managers think, believe, and fantasize that they are indispensable and invaluable in their business organizations.  Little do these Rambo-style managers realize that their style of management is stifling and retarding initiative and teamwork within the business organization.

Business executives including those in the export business should not clutter themselves with so many administrative trivial matters.  They should start delegating authority to the maximum so that the people working within the organization will give their best for the company.  In turn, this will result in reforms and improvements in the system and procedures – and eventually lead to cost savings for the company.

Businessmen including exporters should get rid of excess managerial baggage.  Delegating is one effective way of doing this.  Delegating simplifies the lives of businessmen.  Less stress.  More time to devote to creative and major activities, policies, and decisions as well as to family and humanitarian activities.  It is also a convenient way of developing the career of people who should be groomed for promotion and higher positions.  Lastly, delegating work is a God-given business tool to enable businessmen to share power with and empower the people within a business organization.

Whether in business or in non-business matters, sharing is a sacred virtue that should be practiced by all.  For those who have not tried delegating decisions/work to their subordinates – try it now and benefit from it.  The dramatic change in attitude and motivation in the people involved will certainly be worth delegating work.

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