Defying Gravity

Published May 4, 2018, 12:05 AM


By Bambi Torres-Camus

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When a popular toxin came out in the market during the late 90s, women all over the world got excited over the concept of how, in just a few minutes, years are magically erased from one’s face. It has since became the holy grail for a younger-looking you. Of course, there are also horror stories of botched procedures—that is why it is important to do your research and go to a clinic that has a track record when it comes to these treatments. After all, do you really want to scrimp when it comes to your face?

I made it well into my 40s without having done any invasive treatments on myself in order to look younger. The concept of injecting my face with a toxin that will make me look as young as I feel has always fascinated me, though, so when I was invited to the launch of Xeomin at The A Institute, I was more than intrigued.

Let’s take a closer look at what exactly Xeomin is, its name being a combination of three words—Xeno, Neo, and Minimal, meaning foreign, new, and less, respectively. We all know that the experts at The Aivee Group of clinics are advocates of a holistic approach to wellness and beauty, and work only with effective and safe treatments, so it is important to note that Xeomin is an FDA-approved purified aesthetic injectable.

“We at The Aivee Clinic want to be the best possible partners in helping you achieve your personal beauty goals, and to always be able to recommend products and treatments for you that work the same way,” said The Aivee Group in a statement.

Manufactured in Germany by Merz Pharmaceuticals, Xeomin is stripped of the complex proteins that can cause the body to create neutralizing antibodies. Thanks to its concentration, Xeomin’s results are visible post-treatment by the second day, and last between three to four months.

With that, my concerns were satisfied and the thought of defying time with Xeomin was all I could think about, so I decided to try it. I was in the safe hands of Dr. Henry John Claravall. After my consult, he recommended, “Here, here, and here,” pointing to three areas: my forehead, the area between my brows, and the outer corners of my eyes.

As the Xeomin was injected into my facial muscle, I did not feel a thing. Well, maybe a little, but no pain, no gain! It was not that bad, though—in fact, I was still able to take a selfie during the procedure!

Three days later, I was loving my new and improved self. Friends started asking me about it. No secret here: This latest trend is available first and exclusive at The Aivee Clinic and The A Institute.

For those who have been long-term patrons of the popular original toxin, this may be a solution against building immunity from it. “Because Xeomin doesn’t contain complex proteins, your body won’t build resistance to it,” said The Aivee Group. “There is less chance that you will be immune to it and it can continue to help you look as young as you feel with the treatment. If you’re looking for a way to restore your youthful looks, this is the procedure for you.”


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