Samsung rips business boundaries with an innovative digital flip chart

Published April 22, 2018, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Jonnah Lynne Pante

Samsungs flips over a new leaf by  stepping into the business scene. Aiming to help businesses and companies achieve exponential growth and success, Samsung developed an interactive digital board, the Samsung Flip.

Tbe Samsung Flip aims to replace traditional office tools for upgraded collaboration and productivity. It got its name from taking elements from the paper flip chart and analog board.3

The 55-inch Ultra High Definition display of the Samsung Flip is infallible with its 8ms response time even with multiple hands working on it at the same time.

The Samsung Flip’s portable, wheel-based stand makes it easier for to move it around the room, much like passing along ideas.

What’s also exquisite about the Flip is, well, its screen’s  ability to flip. It made ideas flow effortlessly. Like how a phone’s orientation makes all the difference depending on what you are using it for.

It made all the difference especially on a small room. Its flexibility made the limited space seems almost infinite as it maximizes the available space.

The Samsung Flip display can be rotated to portrait or landscape orientations when coupled with pivot stand.

The dual-sided pen glides flawlessly on the flip chart. Its built-in microphone is just the right tool to make sure that every voice inside the room is heard during a meeting. We tried to have four people talking at the same time and all voices were heard clearly.

We also tried using our fingers to  write and draw on the Flip and it was like doing so on a tablet.

It has this feature where users can also customize their writing style, size and send them through email or USB device.

Samsung Flip also has tough security as it safeguards valuable ideas flashed on the screen through a password-based protection system.

We conclude that the Samsung Flip is going to change how people conduct meetings, and innovate productivity.