Amy Schumer on married life and her Lhuillier wedding gown

Published April 22, 2018, 4:05 PM

by Agence-France-Presse

Los Angeles – Amy Schumer was blooming and demure when we talked to her.

The 36-year-old comedy actress, who just filmed her Marc Silverstein-Abby Kohn helmed movie, “I Feel Pretty,” also just got married last Feb. 13 to Chris Fischer, a chef and the brother of Molly, her personal assistant. They dated for only five to six months.

Amy Schumer (Photos by Ruben V. Nepales)
Amy Schumer (Photos by Ruben V. Nepales)

She narrated how they met. “So I had been working with Molly for months, and she had introduced me to her brother just as a chef. I was visiting Martha’s Vineyard, the island that they are from with my family and he was cooking for us. I thought he was so cute. Almost too cute, I kind of dismissed him. It was her family, so we had met and I got to know him as Molly’s brother.

“He got to know me with my family, no makeup. You know how you are with your family, just like nothing. You are not thinking about it. So we really got to know each other. After five or six months, we started looking at each other a little bit different. Then we asked Molly if it was okay with her. I think she said yes because she was afraid of losing her job!”

Married on the terrace of a private home along the coast of Malibu and dressed in a Monique Lhuillier gown, Amy admitted she had never heard of Monique. She couldn’t even pronounce her last name.

She confessed, “My relationship to fashion is through my stylist Lisa Evans. We had done the last three movies together. I told her, I am going to get married in three days. Can you find me a dress? And she brought in a whole rack of dresses, and I tried that dress, the Monique Lhuill… and so I liked it. I didn’t try any other ones on. So like truly, it was the only dress I tried on.” And she fell in love with it.

Talking about the movie “I Feel Pretty,” which also stars Michelle Williams, Busy Philipps and Lauren Hutton, is about Renee Barrett (Amy), we learned it’s about an insecure woman, who after suffering a head injury in a cycling class, suddenly thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

So what makes her feel pretty, we asked.

“I feel prettiest when I don’t think about what I look like,” she replied. “When you realize ‘Oh I haven’t looked in a mirror for hours.’ And when I am hanging out with my friends, just my girls or my family, no makeup, sweat pants, just being yourself, being comfortable. So when I feel really comfortable, that is when I feel my prettiest.”


Taking charge of her life, getting married quickly and knowing what or who she wants are things that some women are just learning how to do now. So where did all this confidence come from?

“Well first I would say, Chris and I, we didn’t meet, have sex and then elope. We did get to know each other. I have known him for almost a year. So it was very quick.

“With this movie, what I want is for women to reach their full potential. We get so worried about being insulted or our worth, that it holds people back. It was really important to me in the message of this movie, is to get out of your own way, and realize that what you look like is not who you are and you have a voice. You have all this potential, and it’s really your responsibility to live up to it. Love yourself like you are your own mother. This movie is really connected to that, and that’s something I feel like I have understood myself. That’s a gift that I wanted to give to everybody.”

So, how has married life been so far?

Amy revealed, “It feels nice. I feel settled with him. He is my partner, no question. We committed to each other. I am never going to get a text that says, you up, again. I am not going to go home with someone and I don’t have to meet another person’s family, this is it.

“I really feel that and I really appreciate that. I feel calm. Something that my sister said at the wedding, in her toast, was, she was speaking to Chris my husband and she said that I have a new power and a new calmness about me and that I carry him with me, she said that. Actually, her husband said that, because she was crying so much that she had to have him read it.

“I just feel great. I feel loved and so grateful. The wedding was so fun…”

How did it feel when she first uttered the word “husband?”

“I think that night right after we got married, we were overusing it a lot. I kept asking, has anyone seen my husband? We just had fun with it. Two days later when he was cooking at a vineyard in Sonoma, we had no shame, and we were overusing it.”

As for any changes she felt before or after the wedding, she revealed, “We felt like partners before, and we both wanted to do this. We both wanted to get married and so it felt like we got something out of the way so we could start living our lives. It does feel like that. It was so much fun, but I am glad it’s over, because now we are just partners.”

Marrying a chef also seemed a smart thing to do, we said. Does that mean she does not need to cook anymore?

“I’ll be honest with you. I never have to cook and I never have to do the dishes,” she proudly disclosed. “He loves cooking and it took me awhile to understand, like, so you want to make dinner? And he’s like, you want to get up and talk in front of 10,000 people? And I am like, yeah you are right.”