Summer Brain Training

Published April 18, 2018, 12:05 AM


By Kathrina Ysabel Pineda


No more classes; no more books! Finally, kids get to take a pause from all the homework and school projects. But, even if school is out, kids should still have to get their brains working. As what the Law of Physics states, an object at rest will stay at rest while that in motion will stay in motion. So while kids enjoy and relax this summer, make sure they take the time to put some of their energy, brain energy that is, to good use – in doing something that will benefit them.

Keep their brain going this summer vacation with these apps:

3Toca Boca

– Toca Boca is a game development studio that created many apps that are food for the kids’ brains. I have to admit, this game was my guilty pleasure back then. They have these cute characters and gameplay that is interactive. You can choose from their myriad of choices such as Toca Life, Toca Vacation, Toca Hair Salon, Toca Kitchen, Toca Doctor, and more.

Simply Piano

– Hone their piano skills during their free time.Simply piano makes it all, well, simpler. All they have to do is follow the guide.  Pretty soon they can play the keys even with theiir eyes closed.

Luminosity Brain Trainer

– Who says that learning is boring? Luminosity uses clinically proven tools designed by neuroscientists. The app helps in boosting up your child’s thinking power and improving their problem-solving skills and memory.

Drawing Pad

– Let out the creativity in your little munchkin with Drawing Pad. They can scribble, color, and make a masterpiece minus all the mess of the art supplies. In addition, they get to take it everywhere. Let their imagination run wild for who knows what they can create next.

Monster Physics

– This app can be quite enjoyable for both the young and young at hearts. If your youngsters love Science, or you want them to learn more about it, Monster Physics does the job. The app requires the user to build a contraption to complete a mission. With this, they get to apply the basic concepts of speed, velocity, density, and mass.