Drug problem reduced by 1/4; ‘Very good’ rating inspires Duterte

Published April 17, 2018, 10:00 PM

by Mario Casayuran and Vanne Elaine Terrazola

Fred M. Lobo
Fred M. Lobo

By Fred M. Lobo


President Duterte reported that on a 10-point danger scale, the country’s illegal drug problem has been reduced to a 6 from an 8.5 level or by about one-fourth.

War on drugs will be a “long fight” but sustained law enforcement efforts can bring it down to zero danger level, he said.


The President’s “very good” trust rating in the recent survey will further inspire the President to work harder, Malacañang said.

Consistent “very good” public trust rating will be an energizer to the President.


“I will address the public by just saying that I told the Congress of the Republic of the Philippines that ang droga [drugs] in a scale of one to 10, the danger level is something like until now almost six. It used to be about eight and one half. Ngayon, pababa six but hindi pa kontrolado ng gobyerno ang trade sa droga (It has lessened to six but the government has not yet placed the drug trade under control),” Duterte said during a recent Davao City press conference.

A candid report to the people.


“My job is to see to it that there is no scale to use the danger of drugs kung maari lang zero (if possible attain zero). Kung maabot ko ‘yung ambisyon na zero (If I will achieve my zero goal) and it could cost you your life or your liberty for that matter because the police and military will be active against you. It’s the plain law enforcement,” Duterte said.

Sustained law enforcement needed vs tough challenge.


“It’s gonna be a long fight. It will transcend my presidency. And the next president has to deal with it eyeball-to-eyeball whether he likes it or not. The motivation there is profit,” Duterte said.

Translation: Illegal drugs will be a dragging problem.


“I think there’s a few guys out there operating the laboratories, “the President said.

“The one danger is the cartel of the South America who would connect with the criminal syndicates in Asia. Iyan mahirapan (That will be a difficulty),” he said.


He admitted that the problem of drug trafficking was one of the issues tackled in his recent meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Xi emphasized the need for a “focused attention to drugs because we have also the same problem…And mind you, they execute people,” Duterte said.


“Indonesia has the same problem. Malaysia not so much but mas — hindi lang napa-publish but I know that Widodo, president, also has the same problem with drugs,” Duterte added.

Same problem with neighboring countries.


Duterte warned that cocaine was also coming into the country at a “very fast” rate but was “not as pervasive” as shabu since the expensive illegal substance was harder to sell.

“Most of the Americans are — the addicts I mean are on cocaine and heroin. Hindi pa dumating sa atin ‘yan dito (It has not yet reached us) unless we allow criminal syndicates to operate here again,” he added.


The President reiterated that some government officials, including mayors and barangay captains, have suspected links to the narcotics trade.

Asked if he would release a list, Duterte said he would think it over amid concerns about its impact of the right of voters’ to choose their leaders.


Duterte insisted that he has “zero tolerance” towards illegal drugs, saying there was “no middle ground” on the issue.

“Basta dito, no quarters given, no quarters asked. Zero tolerance ako sa drugs (I have zero tolerance on drugs] ” he said.


Meanwhile, Duterte is motivated to work double time to ensure a safe and prosperous nation after retaining a “very good” net public satisfaction rating in a latest survey, Malacañang said.

“We are pleased with the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS)  survey showing President Rodrigo Roa Duterte a ‘very good’ net satisfaction rating of +56,” Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said.


Social Weather Stations (SWS) said the nationwide survey conducted from March 23 to 27 with 1,200 respondents found 70 percent of Filipinos satisfied, 17 percent undecided, and 14 percent dissatisfied with President Duterte’s performance in the first three months of 2018.

Compared to the December, 2017 survey, SWS said gross satisfaction with the President fell by one point from 71 percent, gross undecided rose by two points from 15 percent, and gross dissatisfaction rose by one point from 13 percent.


The latest rating gives a net satisfaction of +56 (percentage of satisfied minus percentage of dissatisfied), classified as “very good,” SWS concluded.

We are satisfied and happy and to work harder, Malacañang said.