OPPO F7 selfie takes off

Published April 15, 2018, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Jonathan Kevin Castillo


Autopilot your selfies and let OPPO’s newest f7 do the shooting. The guarantee? OPPO has always been known as the “Selfie Expert.”

The star feature of the F7 is the 25MP front camera with the trendy notch design. Yes, the notch is here to stay, at least for a while. The camera captures some pretty nice selfies and there are multiple depths with the AI Beautification, which enhances the photo. The 16MP rear camera is no pushover either. It manages to take impressive photos with bright visuals and clear details.

While holding the phone in landscape position with another app active, you can swipe to the right, starting from the notch, to bring out some options such as screen capture, screen record, and ban notifications – the latter allows you to experience your app without interruptions.2

Swipe downward for the menu and you will find the option to enable the “Assistive Ball.” With this on, a white circle will appear on screen, and you’ll be able to move this little icon around to help you better navigate the device. Tap the Assistive Ball to bring you back to the home screen. If you tap it twice, it will bring out your background apps.

The fingerprint sensor is amazing on the F7. It responds quickly, firing up the device in a snap. The face recognition is pretty decent as well, even under dimly lit areas, the front camera was impressive enough to recognize its user. In case you run into trouble with this feature, OPPO has prepared a list of possible ‘whys’ in the settings.

Despite having a familiar design, the F7 looks mighty impressive. It retains the soft rounded edges as seen from previous OPPO F devices, which gives it a comfortable grip. It continues to use a micro-USB port and we’re fine with that. Almost all devices, not only smartphones, to this date still use micro-USB ports. So we really can’t expect that everyone else will suddenly make the jump. Though of course, in the foreseeable future, OPPO will eventually move on to Type Cs, when the rest of the market is ready for it.

As far as hardware goes, there is no longer a bad handset. Every new device that comes out has impressive screens, decent processors, and excellent batteries. The OPPO F7 fulfills the checklist.

The Mediatek Helio P60 processor is powerful enough to run most everyday apps. I’ve installed PUBG Mobile and did a few rounds with it. While the game dropped a few frames every now and then, the mere fact it was able to run PUBG Mobile at all shows the F7 has the chops to run several other apps that you might be interested in downloading from the Play Store.

The only thing that is hard to avoid is the back. It’s sleek, it’s pretty, and it’s really nice to look at. But you touch that, even for a second, and there will be smudges all over it. It’s a massive fingerprint magnet that captures every detail. Thankfully, straight from the box is a jelly case.

The OPPO F7 is an astounding device. It has great looks and the specs sheet is impressive for its price range.