QCPD sets up various checkpoints under its police stations in line with gun ban enforcement

Published April 14, 2018, 7:29 PM

by Roel Tibay

By Alexandria San Juan

The Quezon City Police District established various checkpoints under its police stations, in line with the enforcement of gun ban in preparation for the upcoming barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections, Saturday.

QCPD director Chief Supt. Guillermo Eleazar and Commission on Elections-NCR assistant regional director Atty. Jovencio Balanquit led a kick-off ceremony at the QCPD Headquarters in Camp Karingal before inspecting the checkpoints.

Eleazar, Balanquit, together with the QCPD command group inspected the Comelec checkpoints set up by Quezon City Police Stations 1 to 6 to check proper procedures of the policemen adherence to PNP and Comelec rules and regulations on checkpoints.

Eleazar reminded them some of the rules including human rights of motorists; and that “vehicle inspection is limited to visual searches only of the interior, though flashlights may be used at night – unless the situation presents probable cause for a courteous physical search of vehicle and occupants with the police always on the alert for any eventuality.”

The QCPD chief also emphasized that the public should also do their part in every checkpoint to avoid inconvenience to others.

He reminded motorists to slow down, dim the headlights and turn on cabin lights every checkpoint. However, occupants cannot be compelled to step out of the vehicle without probable cause like a gun or contraband in plain sight.

According to Eleazar, only visual search may be done where the officer simply looks into the vehicle and may use a flashlight at night.

“No person may be subjected to a physical or body search in the absence of probable cause or reasonable ground to believe that a person has just committed, is about to commit or is committing a crime, or is breaking the law,” Eleazar said.

The public is not also obliged to open the glove compartment, trunk or their bags and cannot be compelled to do so without probable cause.

Checkpoint personnel may briefly question travelers during which the vehicle occupants are required to answer, such as asking for origin or destination, or why they are out at a late hour.

The district director also asked the public to “bear with any inconveniences that the checkpoints may cause as it is the PNP’s mandate as deputized by the Comelec to ensure safe and peaceful barangay elections.”

He also encouraged everyone to immediately report improper attire or behavior by checkpoints personnel, even through submitting photos or videos of any transgression or through their hotline numbers 09176759747 and 925-8417.