Plants that drive away pesky flies

Published April 11, 2018, 12:05 AM


By Samantha Nicole Alarilla

You are enjoying an outdoor lunch with some friends but you spend most of the time swatting flies away from your food than actually digging into your fresh summer salad and catching up. Perhaps you are tending to your plants in the garden and you’re desperately trying to shoo away flies from your flowers and beloved greens. Or maybe the heat has gotten to you and you’ve cracked open your windows to let the breeze in – only to invite the flies in too. Whatever the case, summer is when we are infested by flies the most, and as much as we want to keep them away using readily available chemical repellants, it isn’t the safest and most eco-friendly option.

Thus, we turn to the most effective and most natural solution we have, which is: plants! Here some of the many houseplants that repel flies you may want to consider:

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