Scraps of the Mind

Published April 9, 2018, 12:05 AM


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One created art from the objects of his childhood while the other one constructed masterpieces from the treasures of nature. Pinggot Zulueta and Demosthenes Campos present back-to-back shows that play on the different objects they find around them, giving a touch of magic to the ordinary.

In his “Umbra+Penumbra,” Zulueta plays on the familiar and the nostalgic as he presents monochromatic abstractions of mixed media, woodworks, and assemblages. Found objects from his childhood countryside home make their way into his pieces, creating works that are partly autobiographical while touching on themes of attachment and abandonment, contrasting innocence with maturity, belongingness with alienation.

In Campos’ “Undergrowth,” on the other hand, is an exhibit of his mixed media pieces. As he explores his process and materials even further, Campos continues to draw inspiration from nature as he creates simulations of landscapes and abstracted dreamscapes. Digging deep into his artistic foundations, he manages to create pieces that bring life to commonplace found objects.

Exhibit runs until May 25 at Kaida Contemporary Gallery located at 45 Scout Madriñan St. South Triangle, Quezon City.