Quark Henares now engaged to singer Bianca Yuzon

Published April 9, 2018, 6:53 AM

by Hannah Torregoza 

Director Quark Henares still used his creative and quirky style in asking for the hand of his girlfriend, singer Bianca Yuzon, in marriage.

Quark Henares and Bianca Yuzon (Instagram) /mb.com.ph
Quark Henares and Bianca Yuzon (Instagram)

Quark proposed to Bianca on Friday, April 6, while Bianca was shooting her music video, which he is also directing. In an Instagram post shared by Quark’s mother Vicky Belo, a backdrop behind Bianca fell and showed neon signs asking Bianca to marry him.

“Today I got to verbally respond to a life-changing question that @quarkhenares asked in such breath-taking fashion, the truth being that my heart has spoken for me a long time ago: Yes, I would love to spend the rest of my days with you — supporting each other and growing in many ways together, traveling, giving back, dancing like loons and singing at the top of our lungs, making and appreciating art, taking care of each other, SJ and other fur babies, and eventually raising hooman (and maybe faerie) children of our own. Yes to lifting each other up through various hurdles and having each other’s back. Yes finding things to celebrate everyday. Yes to sitting in a dark room for hours watching movies and comparing notes afterward. Yes to exploring worlds around and within ourselves. This list could go on and on, yes, Q, YAAAS,” Bianca posted on her Instagram.

She added being grateful to God and being excited in the new chapter she will share with Quark, who she described as her “best friend.” Bianca also thanked their family and friends for their support.

“Last but definitely not the least, I am also beyond grateful for all the time and effort our beloved family and friends put into making this surprise #proposal of epic proportions that much more special. Q and I adore you, and are so blessed that we not only get to share this unforgettable moment with you, but many more to come. 💛✨ and to those sending in their greetings and well-wishes, sending you lots of love as well. THANK YOU🌿🌝 📸: @mikerabat,” she said.

Of course, Vicky and her family warmly welcomed Bianca to their family. In an Instagram post by Quark’s sister Cristalle, they were inside a holding room waiting for the proposal.

“Finally !! Congratulations @quarkhenares and @biancayuzon . I ‘m so happy that Quark found a sweet , talented , and loving girl in Bianca . Always take care of each other and continue to inspire people of the kind of love that you have . We love you so much , Quark ! Welcome to the family , Bianca,” Vicky posted.

Cristalle also posted a photo of the diamond engagement ring, which she said is an heirloom from their grandmother.

“Congratulations on the engagement @quarkhenares! I’m so happy @biancayuzon said YAAAAS😍 she’s such a sweet soul and you guys are just the cutest couple with your quirky ways! Swipe right to see the super creative proposal of Kuya Quark,” Cristalle posted.