Graduation of high school students in Caloocan happier if Kian was with them

Published April 8, 2018, 6:22 PM

by Francine Ciasico

By Kate Javier

The graduation ceremony of 47 senior high school students would have been “happier” if their slain classmate Kian Loyd delos Santos was still with them — marching.

(photo by Kate Javier)
(photo by Kate Javier)

This was how Kian’s classmate Andrea Paña,18, described their graduation rites at the Our Lady of Lourdes College in Valenzuela City yesterday.

“How we wish that he was with us on that special day. He should also be marching like us,” Andrea told the Manila Bulletin.

Despite being incomplete, Andrea said the whole class dedicates their success for their slain friend. “This is all for Kian. He was there in spirit,” she said.

“Some of us cried as we felt incomplete because we lost a very good friend,” Andrea added.

Kate Cunanan, another classmate of the slain 17-year-old boy, said they remember Kian and his memories for being joker of the class.

She cited the moment when Kian came late and told their teacher that he got stuck in traffic along the Tullahan River.

“We thought that he was just joking, yet it turned out that was he was not as he used to ride an improvised boat from their house going to school,” Kate said.

Until the last day of Kian, some of his classmates even thought that his death at the hands of three former Caloocan cops was only a joke.

Andrea recalled that they were having an overnight for a group study on the night of August 16, when they received the “sad” news in their Facebook group chat.

“We thought that he was just joking again. But it turned out that it was his girlfriend who informed us,” Andrea said.

The group considered their classmate’s death as “very unfortunate” as Kian was supposed to be with them that night.

“We cannot contact him because his phone had been confiscated by our teacher as it rang during the first day of our exam.” Andrea recounted.

“On the second day of it, he was already killed by his idol — the policemen. We asked our teacher to still put test papers in his desk even he’s already gone,” Andrea said.

The slain boy’s classmates always assure that their class will visit Kian’s grave in La Loma Cemetery every month, saying Kian will always be part of their group.

“We still spend a day with him. That’s how we missed him,” Andrea said.