Cardinal appeals to faithful: Be like Saint John Paul II

Published April 7, 2018, 2:22 PM

by Francine Ciasico

By Analou De Vera

Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle called on the Catholic faithful to not fear and continue to spread the word of God, just like Saint Pope John Paul II has done.

Archbishop Cardinal Luisito Taglespeaks at the Manila Cathedral as he led the commemoration of the Lord's Passion, Saturday. MBPHOTO.CAMILLE ANTE
Archbishop Cardinal Luisito Taglespeaks at the Manila Cathedral as he led the commemoration of the Lord’s Passion, Saturday. (MBPHOTO.CAMILLE ANTE)

“He travelled all over the world to tell people: ‘Don’t be afraid of Jesus. Don’t be afraid of the risen one. Do not be afraid of the life he offers. Welcome him.’ Twice he brought that message to the Philippines,” said Tagle during the Welcome Mass yesterday at the Manila Cathedral.

Tagle said that the beloved Pope is “one of the great witnesses of the risen Lord.”

“Those who are going abroad, OFWs, do not go there looking only for jobs. Tell the people; ‘the Lord is alive.’ When you go to your neighborhoods, when you go to your workplaces, when you go to your schools, when you go to your recreation, bring through your words… the testimony [that] ‘Jesus is alive, I have seen him.’ Even with your families, when you eat together, you tell stories, ‘Wag lang puro chismis ang pag-uusapan,” Tagle told the faithful.

‘Blood Relic’

Meanwhile, the public can still venerate the blood relic of Saint Pope John Paul II at the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros, Manila, up until today, April 8, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The blood relic of the beloved Saint is one of the seven vials that were sent throughout the different churches in the world.

“(When)Pope John Paul came to us, he opened his heart. The Philippines is most welcome to his heart. Now, we welcome him again… the relic of his blood,” said Tagle.

“With Saint Pope John Paul, let us be witnesses of Jesus to the edge of the Earth,” The Manila Archbishop ended.

Pope John Paul II visited the country twice. He first went to the Philippines in 1982 when he beatified martyr Lorenzo Ruiz, the first Filipino saint. The Pope once again returned for the World Youth Day in 1995.