BGC tower is more than glass and steel

Published April 4, 2018, 2:00 PM

by manilabulletin_admin

From afar, ArthaLand Century Pacific Tower appears as a structure of glass and steel common to urban landscapes but upon closer inspection, there is so much more than the glass façade; which is a design wonder in itself.

Entering the tower, one will realize that it is unique. The area is wide and has a sense of openness to it with a foyer that is visually refreshing because of how well-lit it is with sunlight.

It is in the upper levels where the building’s hidden qualities slowly appear. Where anyone would expect to walk into a floor with a low ceiling and poorly lit corridors, they will be pleasantly surprised to discover that it is quite the opposite: high ceilings and wide floor areas that are usually reserved for building lobbies.

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What may immediately escape anyone’s attention, if not noticed right away, is how the air circulates around each floor with ease and how incredibly “light” and comfortable it feels.

And, like in the foyer, natural light is abundant in the upper levels.

The business center can be seen as the central hub of ArthaLand Century Pacific Tower where guests, tenants, and occupants can gather to exchange ideas: occupants such as top international firms and companies that have already leased spaces in the building, firms that share ArthaLand’s commitment to sustainability and going green.

And because of its commitment to going green, the building’s roof garden and surrounding pocket parks allow the entire space to accentuate to the urban landscape with verdant greenery.

At this point, people walking the floor would notice a kind of theme going on and it is what ArthaLand has been showing since. Attentive eyes would now see that its windows are arranged like serrated edges: a design choice that keeps all the heat out and all the sunlight in and provide adequate shading without adding structures.

As this idea goes through each step into each room, the senses come to see that it is, in fact, doing so much more to the environment than by just being “shiny”. It’s “green” and is a statement on bringing order through sustainability in an otherwise chaotic urban environment.

Although green buildings are expensive to put up, there is a “life cycle” cost to it that the tower stands by – where the cost may be extremely high upfront, the amount of efficiency overtime allows the building to function efficiently no matter how much it ages, hacking away at energy costs.

After all, providing for the basic human need of a place to inhabit that brings joy and comfort bears the value that is beyond any kind of investment return.

Building a legacy

Among the basic desires of the human condition is to be in a habitable space that allows him or her to move freely and feel a sense of calm, contentment, and cheer. It may be sensed the moment someone enters the tower.

More than just being in the business of “building buildings”, ArthaLand is a company that banks on building a legacy through its projects.

With the rise of ArthaLand Century Pacific Tower, it shows its commitment to sustainability and creating a positive impact in the industry and the environment making it a doubly certified by the US Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and by the Philippine Green Building Council’s BERDE (Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence) certification.

Because of its commitment to the environment, the tower is on track to achieving a Gold Standard certification from BERDE.