Apple to introduce emojis for PWDs in their smartphones in 2019

Published March 31, 2018, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By MB Online

As varied as the emojis on your smartphone are, sometimes you just have the feeling that there just isn’t enough of them to express how you feel or to merely represent who you are.

Apple is seeking to recapture the magic of the first iPhone with the release of a 10th anniversary edition of the iconic smartphone. (AFP / MANILA BULLETIN)

Apple has taken notice of this concern and has thus made a move to introduce in 2019 emojis for persons with disabilities (PWDs).

After all, during the advent of the cellular phone, not many are aware of — text messaging — was really aimed to be a way for the deaf or the mute to communicate with each other.

With this new development the PWDs won’t feel left out like before. At least insofar as emojis are concerned.

Thus, in 2019 13 new emojis, if approved will be part of your Apple smartphone.

In a YouTube video featured by Mashable Asia, the 13 new emojis soon to be incorporated to your smartphone are: A person in motorized and manual wheelchairs, a prosthetic arm and leg, the deaf sign and a hearing aid, a person with a walking cane, guide and service dogs.

Although to this day PWDs still complain of the shabby treatment they get especially in terms of having the right infrastructure in many establishments and specialized public transport, at least in terms of the smartphone, they might get a sense of being included and definitely not forgotten.