UHF to produce commercial films

Published March 22, 2018, 4:05 PM

by Agence-France-Presse

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REMEMBERING MARYO DE LOS REYES: “Magnifico,” the 2003 landmark film by Maryo de los Reyes, will open this year’s TOFARM Film Festival (TFF) from Sept. 12 to 18. The festival’s Awards Night will be held on Sept. 15.

Maryo J. Delos Reyes
Maryo J. Delos Reyes

“The third edition of TOFARM is in honor of Maryo, who was the guiding force of the filmfest since it started in 2016,’’ declared Dr. Milagros How, its founder.

“Magnifico” is a multi-awarded film here and abroad known for its inspiring message of love against all odds.

Bibeth Orteza, newly proclaimed festival director, said entries to TOFARM shall be accepted until April 20, 2018. Seven films with a grant of 3 million pesos each shall comprise this year’s festival.

Ms. Orteza announced that TOFARM shall now also include a Short Film Competition.

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LIVES OF FARMERS: The brainchild of Socio-Entrepreneur Dr. How, TFF is the only advocacy-driven film festival in the country today. Film entries showcase the lives, journeys, trials and triumphs of the Filipino farmer.

Dr. How lamented the untimely passing of De los Reyes. After careful study, she said she realized she should continue TOFARM and even expand it.

Dr. How sought the expertise of three seasoned film personalities who will stand as Festival Advisers, namely Bibeth Orteza and Joey Romero. Laurice Guillen has been named Consultant.

The festival committee is now accepting script entries for screening. Deadline of submission is on April 20, 2018. For more information on how to submit original manuscripts, log on to www.tofarm.org or check the Festival Mechanics and Rules and Regulations.

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    (From left): Joey Romero, Dr. Milagros How and Bibeth Orteza
    (From left): Joey Romero, Dr. Milagros How and Bibeth Orteza

PRODUCING COMMERCIAL FILMS, TOO: Dr. How also announced during a recent media conference that she has put up a new company, Universal Harvester Films (UHF), that will produce at least six commercial films this year.

She said she was encouraged to go full blast into film production, noting that advocacy films such as those she makes under TOFARM, have difficulty screening in commercial theaters.

UHF also plans to enter the distribution and marketing of movies.

The company, she said, shall produce films in the usual genres: Romantic comedy, horror, drama, action, etc.

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INTERNATIONAL ACCLAIM: In the first two years of its existence, from 2016 to 2017, a number of TOFARM Film Festival entries have gained international recognition following local exhibition. The festival has produced a total of 12 films thus far.

Among TOFARM’s films that have won honors in international film festivals are “Pauwi Na,” “Pitong Kabang Palay,” “Paglipay,” “High Tide,” and “Instalado.”